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10 Cities with Great Graffiti Art

Adorned with some amazing art street and graffiti, our painted cities are a cherry-on-the-top for the world.
Prerana Jamdarkhana Feb 5, 2020
City life is nothing less than a poetry, raising emotions in us with its history, culture and art. With people finding different ways of expression, graffiti is being adopted all around the world as a way of painting their thoughts on city streets, tunnels and open spaces.

Let's look at some of the cities with the best paints on them!

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New York City, USA

Walk on streets with painted buildings or tunnels covered in murals, NYC has a vibe that can match no one.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Home to graffiti artist Banksy, Bristol welcomes creative minds from all around the world.
What more can one ask for than a live paint festival where artists are invited to paint live in the neighborhoods of Bedminster and Southville.

London, United Kingdom

A city filled with colors, especially when you visit the skating zones, is startling and beautiful.

Paris, France

Not just fashion and glamor, Paris is in the race for some of the most stunning graffiti and street art.

Berlin, Germany

A wall once fallen is now splashed with colorful graffiti asĀ are the other areas of this capital city.

Melbourne, Australia

In its own way, Melbourne art has become an integral part of the city.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A locus of rich art background, stunning graffiti and murals on the street are a feast-for-the-eyes.

Bogota, Columbia

Vivid colors pass by, as you walk in Bogota. Few tour guides explain these murals and paintings to interested tourists.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The streets etched with intricate graffiti are some of the best in Brazil! The young city attracts crowds who wishes to paint their heart out.

Los Angeles, USA

A hub not just for glamor but various other art forms too. Graffiti is an expression in the tunnels of LA, far from the celluloid world.