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5 Tips for Finding Art Inspiration

Creative hearts know what it's like to struggle to find inspiration. If you're in a creative rut, try these helpful tips to find inspiration for your art.
Angelica Hartgers

Tip #1: Visit An Art Museum

What better way to find inspiration than being amongst the work of some of the greatest artists of our time? Sometimes, observing other artistic work is a productive time out from our own projects.

Tip #2: Engage in Creative Writing

No matter what type of artist you are, creative writing is super helpful in boosting your motivation and getting your creative juices flowing. Choose a random topic with a writing prompts generator, and sit down to write!

Tip #3: Spend Time in Nature

If you're feeling pressured to create, go outside and get some fresh air! Take a stroll through the park, sit in a garden, or go for a hike. You can even try practicing your art in nature, if you're feeling inspired.

Tip #4: Lose Yourself for a Bit

Oftentimes, we find ourselves in a creative rut when we feel pressured or overwhelmed with our own art projects. When this happens, it's important to engage in an activity where you're able to lose yourself! Try playing your favorite sport, watching a movie, or doing something else not art-related that you enjoy.

Tip #5: Join an Artistic Community

Being around fellow artists is a positive experience, and one that can really help you feel understood and accountable for your creative pursuits. Join an art community, and be open to meeting other artists to build your network.