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Acrylic Painting Ideas

Stephen Rampur
Acrylic painting ideas provide endless possibilities to use creativity on canvas. To know some basic, cool acrylic painting ideas for beginners, read on...
Acrylic painting is a very good option for painters who demand perfection along with beauty. Many people have a misconception that these paints can only be used for painting on a canvas.
However, the truth is that they can be used on any material; be it glass, paper, plastic, or even the wall. This is the reason why acrylic painting is so popular among famous painters. Paintings done with acrylics certainly look very real. However, with some abstract ideas, you can also make beautiful, illusion paintings.

Uses of Acrylics...

Nowadays, there are many types of acrylics that have come up, that provide freedom to the artist to show his work on several different surfaces. Such surfaces can include fabrics and cloths, plain paper, glass and china ware, and many other similar materials on which paintings can possibly be done.

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Moreover, the materials on which acrylic paints have been applied can also be washed, leaving the paint as shiny as it was when applied. There are a variety of these paints which can help us transform simple pieces of items into decorative, attractive arts and craft materials.

Ideas for Beginners

Selecting Appropriate Paints

Which paints you choose all depends on your liking, the matter you want to draw, and the surface you want to use. Picking out the right paint types and colors are one of the most significant ideas for acrylic painting.
Normally, the paints are available in 2-ounce bottles, and the label on it will include which type of surface the paint is to be applied on and is most suitable. There are some acrylic paints that can be commonly used on all kinds of surfaces, whereas others may be specifically meant to be applied on certain surfaces for getting the best results.
To help you understand better; there are some paints which are only supposed to be used on paper, and there are some which are to be applied on outdoor surfaces, such as walls, and other surfaces, like glass.

Selecting Appropriate Brushes

Choosing the correct type of brush is also an important aspect that you need to think of. The final result of the painting largely counts on what type of brushes you use in the process. There are different types of brushes available, which differ in size and bristle type.
For getting the results that you want, it is suggested to choose the right kind of brush, according to the paints you would be using in the project you are making.
For example, there are some painting strokes that can be achieved only if you use a particular type of brush. If you use other types of brushes, you would not get the same flow and accuracy, as you expect to get on the surface.

Acrylic Painting Sets

For those who are searching for simple ideas, there are ready-made sets available which include all the essentials for acrylic painting. The contents of a conventional kit include the paints, some types of brushes, a guidebook, and in some cases, even a DVD which would have all the necessary steps to paint.
Some kits may even include stencils which you can use, until you come up with your own designs and patterns. All these instruction resources are a good way to start off.

Other Considerations on Acrylic Painting

While painting with acrylics, you need to remember that these paints dry out rather instantly as compared to oil paints. However, if you want to keep them from drying out immediately, you need to spray water gently on the paint applied to the surface.
This is very helpful if you need to make some adjustments in parts of the painting. Moreover, you can also use water with the paints to get a fluid-like texture in the painting. It can also be used in the clean-ups and washes. To get familiarized with this type of painting, there are some techniques that you need to follow.
When it comes to acrylic paintings, there are many types of paints available for application on all kinds of surfaces; such as canvas, wood, plaster, cement, wax candles, fabric, paper, metal, plastic, etc.
These were some of the general acrylic painting ideas for beginners that can be used in learning painting with acrylics.