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Tips to Choose the Best Calligraphy Pens

Tulika Nair
If you have just started indulging in the hobby of calligraphy, then you need to know which the best pens to use are. Here, we tell you how to choose pens for this visual art.
What is calligraphy? It is not difficult to understand what the art is, considering the name derived from the Greek words, kallos meaning beauty and graphe  meaning writing.
It is often defined as a visual art that allows the writer to give a beautiful form to expressions in a harmonious and skillful writing. White traditionally, a calligrapher could include typography in his works, it was not considered classical calligraphy.
In contemporary times, calligraphy is used for many things, from embellishing wedding cards and invitations to creating calligraphic art. Till a few hundred years ago, most official documents were written by calligraphers and are some of the best works of calligraphy.
To be a good calligrapher, it is important to use the best pens you can. But how do you choose these and what are the different types? We answer all your questions.

Choosing the Best Pens

The basic things you require are calligraphy pens, ink, and paper. It is very important for you to understand what the constituent features of a good calligraphy pen are. The nib is of extreme importance.
Wider nibs means larger letters, and narrower nibs allow for more delicate work. The handle of the pen is also an important factor and the calligrapher needs to pay attention to this, so that he gets the grip that he needs.

Calligraphy Markers

Markers can be great for calligraphy work and you can try different calligraphy styles with these pens easily.
Also these are perfect for beginners as there is no fuss involved with using these markers. You do not have to go through the process of filling ink in the pen.
There is a wide variety of colors that these markers are available in. While choosing markers, remember to choose one with a firm nib. The problem with calligraphy pens is that there is a limit to the size of nibs available. So, if you have a specific style in mind, then you may be at loss with markers.

Cartridge Pens

Cartridge pens are perfect for people who have some experience with calligraphy as there is more scope for customizing.
You can change nibs of these pens, and with the wide variety of colors in which ink cartridges are available, there is also the possibility of writing in any color that you fancy. Attaching the cartridges to the nib assembly is a relatively simple process and is not very complicated.

Dip Pens

Sure, if you are looking for pens that you can carry around with you, then these may not be the best option but these are probably the least expensive pens of the lot.
You can fill ink in these pens by dipping them in an ink pot. While with some nibs you will have a built-in ink source, others may need you to attach some sort of a cartridge, to reduce the need of constantly dipping the pen in ink. With dip pens, you have the added advantage of being able to use paints which have been thinned.
While these are a few of the options that you can choose from, you can also opt to use other more traditional options such as brushes and quills. It is possible to use most brushes as a calligraphy pen.
All you need is a little practice. With quills too, you will need to give it time and practice to allow your hand to set to using one. You can opt to buy one of those quills that come with a metal nib holder as they are easier to use. Without the proper pens, it can be difficult to create an artistic piece of writing.