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Canvas Painting Frames

Rimlee Bhuyan
Good canvas painting frames should enhance a painting without distracting the viewer from the beauty of the painting. Here, we are going to discuss canvas frames and how you can choose the right one for your painting.
The objective of a canvas painting frame is to act as support for hanging a painting on a wall or shelf. The type of painting will dictate the kind of frame that you can choose for it.
An ornate painting frame in an antique metal finish will go very well with a classic Victorian-style painting. These frames are also well suited for family portraits, particularly of some ancestors who are dressed in Victorian and Edwardian style, with proper ball gowns and lace trimmings.
Completely different type of canvas frames will be required for modern or pop art paintings. You just cannot imagine an Andy Warhol painting framed in a dull antique gold ornate frame.

Choosing Canvas Frames

Always remember that the frame you choose should complement the genre of painting, as well as the colors that are used. A seascape with predominantly blue, navy, and black colors will not look good with a red or green-colored frame, as it would jar with the theme and subject of the painting, and mar the beauty of it.
People who will look at the painting will find that their eyes are instantly drawn towards the frame, and not the painting. So, always try to find a style and design of canvas frames that complement the painting. For a seascape oil painting, the best choice would be a simple wooden frame that is free of any carvings, with a matte finish, and in a dark color.
For a still life painting of fresh flowers, the best option would be a wooden frame with intricate carvings in a flowery design.
Wooden frame will enhance the beauty of the painting, and will also complement the theme as well as the colors. A still life painting that has many glass and steel objects in it, such as wine glasses, bottles, and samovar, is best framed by a beautifully polished silver frame, as it will complement the silver and glass of the painting.
If you want to know how to frame a painting, it is best left to professionals who can do the job efficiently. However, if you are keen on doing it yourself, then there are many ready-made wooden frames that are available in the market.
The wooden frames can be mounted with the help of offset clips or canvas clips. Putting on metal frames is not recommended at home, as you might scratch the paint with it.
One very important thing to remember while framing is that your painting should always be the main focus. The frame is there to enhance the beauty of the painting, and it should not at any cost steal the viewers' attention.
Having a very ornate metal frame for a simple landscape is one of the worst mistakes in framing a painting. When you hang a painting in your room, your guests should only admire the painting and not the frame.