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Canvas Paintings for Kids

Megha Tiwari
Canvas painting is the best way for kids to experience the magic of colors and enhance their creativity. Here are some tips and ideas that will help.
Whether you want to paint an image of a woman waiting for her beloved in a garden or the beauty of a sunflower looking at the sun, all you need is a blank canvas and paint.
Painting has not only been a source of expression and creativity for adults, it has also fascinated kids to a great extent. Canvas painting gives them an opportunity to explore their creativity as well as enjoy the experience at the same time.
The basic requirements for a canvas painting are:
  • Pre-stretched canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • Painting brush
  • Color mixing plate
  • A mug of water

Comic Characters

Kids would love to draw a hero of comic books or a favorite cartoon character and give them the color of their choice. They can take the help of pictures of the characters to draw them or stencils to copy them on the canvas.

Vehicles or Gadgets

Boys are mostly fascinated by electronic gadgets like cars and airplanes. They love to paint them on their canvas. As these are the most common toys found in a boy's room, it would be one of the best paintings for a kids' rooms.

Floral Painting

The bent of the girls is generally towards the softness of the flower and other natural things, that is quite a common feminine trait. This would be the most liked idea for the girls who will have ample of opportunity to use the different colors of nature.

Modern Art

For modern canvas art ideas, no particular skill or rules are required. You can move your brush in any desired direction dipped in any color. Even objects dipped in paint can be used to draw weird images.

Tissue Paper Painting

These paintings can be made for school projects as well. To make this painting, you need tissue papers of different colors, paint, and glue.
Tear off the tissue paper in different sizes, like small, medium, and large, in the shapes of petals and leaves, and stick them on the canvas with the help of some glue. Give shades to the petals and leaves using the paint.
Kids can come up with their own creative ideas to paint the canvas too. Oil painting can also be done on the canvas, but for doing this art, kids must be accompanied by their parents to avoid any problems. So, are you ready to be the next Picasso and paint something nice? Get started, now!