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Cool Things to Draw

Puja Lalwani Mar 20, 2020
Out with the fruit basket and the landscape. It's time to look for some new and cool things to draw and create unique masterpieces! Check out a few ideas in this post to find inspiration to create something beautiful.
For those who love it, drawing is the best way to get those creative juices flowing, and coming up with masterpieces. Some draw for peace of mind, some because they simply love creating something from scratch, and some draw to show off their wonderful talent.
If you think you can break into the world of art only by starting with a fruit basket, or some flowers in a vase, or some landscape with the setting sun, all of which look easy, but are difficult to draw, you are mistaken.
Here, we help you get started with some simple, but cool things to draw for kids and adults alike without the need for lessons, with different media, and bring out the artist in you.


Cartoons, like animes, have always been a great way to get started with drawing. By giving weird physical characteristics to any creature you can call it a cartoon. This means not only cartoons, you can come up with some funny caricatures of the people around you.
Again, these make for great gifts for your friends. Or, catch your colleagues chilling at work, and create caricatures of them to threaten them as a joke, like in one of the cartoons above.


Graffiti is a wonderful art form, which if not created on walls can be easily created on a canvas or a piece of paper. There are numerous graffiti styles that make the use of various fonts, but that's not all graffiti entails. You can also make cool art in the form of graffiti. On the other hand, you could write some funny or cool quotes in the graffiti font and give it unique backdrops.

Fake Tattoos

A lot of you may believe your own canvas to be your body. Fake tattoos are extremely popular and can be created in a jiffy. While you may choose anything from a flower to a bat, use the awesome abstract ideas as well as skull designs on your hand or anywhere you like, provided above for some inspiration.

Chalk Drawings

Chalk is an interesting medium to start drawing with. Seasoned artists are known to make gorgeous 3D images with chalk on streets. In the second image above you can see a beautiful picture created of the Hindu Lord Krishna with chalk. However, you can start small, like make the national flag of your country as seen in the first image above.
In the third image, chalk has been used very wisely. It is the shadow of a boy with his ball, and faces have been made on it to create some really cool art. The last image is also interesting to depict emotions on a small piece of blackboard with chalk, such as a knot in the stomach.
You could do the same with an arrow piercing the heart to show you are in love, or a broken heart. Basically, you can use this medium to depict all your emotions, from your patriotism and devotion, to your state of mind.


Animes are the easiest to draw with their sharp physical characteristics. Add your favorite colors and backgrounds to come up with an anime in interesting situations. Further, make them in different poses and create a collage of animes for your room, or as a gift for your best bud!
Draw inspiration from the different cool things to draw when you are bored and down. It will also give wings to your new hobby and will help you enjoy this art form with its many aspects. Have fun!