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Cool Things to Draw on Your Hand

Aparna Jadhav
ThisĀ post concentrates on what you can draw on your hands when you are bored, and are looking for some entertainment.
There are various designs that one can use to draw on the hands, some can be artistic and others can be very casual. Many people are truly fascinated by this art, thus coming up with various types of things to draw. Some of these cool things to draw on your hand can be very random and funny. If you are creative, you can surely come up with unique ideas.
If you visit any Middle Eastern or South Asian countries, the art of "Mehndi" or henna tattoos is very well-known. This art includes drawing beautiful and creative designs on the palm with a mixture of henna and other ingredients, using "henna pens" or "cones".
This color gets richer over a period of a few weeks (because of body heat), and then gradually fades away. You will find some cool things to draw, so take a look and pick your favorite designs from those mentioned here.


Nature is always an inspiration for many designs that are drawn, flowers being the most commonly chosen. Since there are so many varieties of flowers which exist in different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, they make beautiful designs if they are drawn as a single flower or many together.
The most commonly used flower pictures are of roses, marigolds, periwinkle, etc. The specialty of these designs is that, they are easy to draw and look great when combined with other designs like leaves, creepers, or birds.

Animals and Birds

There are so many small and big animals which are very easy to draw on your hand. Animals and birds like elephants, camels, tigers, horses, swallows, peacocks, swans, butterflies, etc. are great structures to be drawn. Their shapes are easy to make and they can be very uniquely designed with varied patterns. These animals and birds are a common influence on henna tattoos because of their beautiful features and elegant postures.

Names and Phrases

If you are fond of the "text look", writing a name or a phrase on your hand can also be a very cool idea. These words can be written in various languages as well as formats to give them a stylish and elegant look. You can also have them written in unique styles (3D letters) or symbols and then add some other designs, like the onesĀ given to personify them.

Other Ideas

These are very random and fun things which you can simply come up with when you are bored. These great things to draw can be; cartoons, hearts, flags, teddy bears, trees, evil skulls, cars, Christmas decorations, cups and saucers, stars, the Moon, clouds, etc. You can add in some of your own ideas and make them artistic by combining various other designs.