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Super Easy Face Painting Ideas You Must Try

Shashank Nakate
Here are simple ideas and designs for face painting, which can be helpful for kids. Few interesting tips regarding this subject have also been provided.
The activity of painting the face is enjoyed a lot by kids. There are many patterns, designs, and themes to work on, in the area of face painting. It is not just a pastime activity for kids, and one can explore his/her creative instincts to the fullest.
Patterns that include clown face, joker, and various animals are quite suitable for parties and school concerts, and such ideas can also be helpful on other occasions, where it is necessary to quickly draw the designs.

Free Face Painting Ideas

Children love to participate in activities like face painting, which involve some fun. The designs used for girls and boys reflect their respective character/inherent nature.
Elaborate, intricate, and yet simple-looking designs are preferred by girls. Boys on the other hand, like the designs, which are a bit loud and colored in bright shades. Some ideas are provided here.

Use of Stencils

They prove to be of great help for easy creation of painting designs. One can make stencils for face painting out of acetate sheets. Tracing out the desired pattern/shape, and then cutting with a craft knife is the simple procedure to make stencils.

Spiderman Design

It is one of the easiest ideas for kids. For example, the procedure to create 'Spiderman' look is quite simple. The entire face, except for the portions surrounding eyes need to be painted red. This area has to be circular, and should be painted white.
Black colored lines can be drawn to resemble the 'web'. The pattern looks good if the web center is on the forehead, and between both the eyes.

Animal Painting Ideas

Such designs are quite popular amongst kids, and the cat's face is a favorite one. However, many other interesting ideas are provided below.
  • Bat
  • Beach & Dolphin
  • Bunny Rabbit
  • Cheetah
  • Ladybug
  • Lady Butterfly
  • Puppy Dog
  • Reptile
  • Zebra

Baby Tiger





These designs don't have to be very artistic or elaborate. Use of vivid/bright colors can be made so that they are easily noticeable in the crowd. It doesn't require much effort in learning these patterns.

Monkey Face Paint Design

  • Start off with two dots for eyes of the monkey. A curve drawn from the left-side dot should be designed to create the cheek and lower portion of face.
  • Nose can be made by sketching a tiny 'V' shape.
  • Mouth is drawn with a curved line below the 'V'-shaped nose.
  • The head is created by drawing a semi-circle, which meets the curve drawn for cheek and lower portion of the face.
  • Appropriate colors should be used for coloring the monkey face.

Useful Tips

Covering large area of the face becomes easy with sponges and similar materials; one should use them instead of brushes. A fun-filled activity for kids, face painting also requires some caution and care. To avoid any kind of allergy, reaction or skin irritation, it is necessary to use colors that are specifically meant for face painting.