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Easy Steps for Kids to Draw an Angel

Deepa Karandikar Feb 25, 2020
We are all fascinated with angels, aren't we? Then why not draw them? Here are the step-by-step instructions for kids to draw an angel. Take a look, it's easy!
The etymology of the English word 'angel' is that, it is derived from the Greek word 'angelos', which means 'messenger'.
Angels are spiritual beings believed to be the messengers of the Divine. They are pure and holy spirits that God has created. They are characterized by wings and a halo above their head.
We are all fond of angels because they symbolize innocence and truth. Kids especially, love them. Man has depicted angels in many works of art. Kids too can draw their own angel pretty easily. In the following sections, we give an easy step-by-step guide for kids to draw an angel.
You will need:
  • Sheet of white paper
  • Lead pencil (preferably HB)
  • eraser
  • Your favorite colors: color pencils, crayons, sketch pens

How to Draw an Angel Step By Step

Step 1: To begin with, draw a simple circle for the head.
Step 2: Now, for the body of the angel, draw a tubular structure for the neck, and a triangular structure for the frock.
Step 3: Just add a mane of hair at the head of the angel. Add two basic lines at the shoulders for the hands, and two circles at the end of each line for the palms. Also, sketch out two lines at the base of the frock to serve as an outline for the legs.
Step 4: Draw the wings of the angel in this step. Draw them starting from the shoulders till the waist of the angel. This makes the basic structure ready of the angel.
Step 5: This is a crucial step. Now that we are done with the basic structure for the angel, we can begin with the detailing.
We shall start with the face of the angel. Add a fringe of hair at the forehead. Then draw the ears. As shown, sketch out the hands and the palms. Neatly shape out the legs. Add a nice arch-shaped design to the base of the frock, and a belt at the waist.
Step 6: here, we shall further do the detailing of the face. Draw the eyes, nose, and the mouth.
You can also add two cute dimples on her cheeks. Don't forget the most important part - draw a halo above the head of the angel.
Step 7: Finally, color the angel with your favorite colors.