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Easy Ways to Make Your Own Puffy Paint at Home

Rujuta Borkar Mar 22, 2020
Painting with puffy paint is one of the most creative and fun ways to spend the afternoon. What's more, this is a hit with literally any age group. We will look through the varied ways of making the paint in the comforts of your home, with the help of simple ingredients.

Important Tip

Add glitter powder or tiny beads to the mix to bring about a whole new texture and feel to the painting.
Stuck indoors with the kids and can't think of ways to spend the afternoon? Here's what you can do―puffy paint! This is not only a ridiculously fun activity while creating paintings, but is also just as much fun when it comes to making the paint. Puffy paint is as versatile as paint can get ... really.
Its uses for many things boggle the mind. It can be used in making varied types of crafts, or for adding designs to your clothing. It can be used for making jewelry (wearable jewelry, no less), or as an aid for people with bad vision. It can be used to add friction to the underside of socks or for sprucing up an old object ... the list goes on and on.
How is all this possible, you ask? The USP of this paint is that unlike other 2-dimensional paints, this paint is 3-dimensional in nature. It is because of this property that it looks raised and lends a great effect and utility to the work or purpose that it is used for.
While puffy paint is easily available in crafts stores, it is just as easy to make it at home using simple ingredients that are readily available in and around the house. In the following sections, we will tell you how to make puffy paint at home in 3 simple ways.

3 Homemade Puffy Paint Recipes

The Simple Recipe

☛ Flour, ½ cup
☛ Salt, ½ cup
☛ Water, ½ cup
☛ Food coloring (red, green, and blue), small bottles
You Will Also Need
☛ Funnel
☛ Squeeze Bottles
☛ Bowls
☛ Spoons
  • Mix equal quantities of flour, water, and salt in a bowl and mix well.
  • Make sure that there are no lumps formed in the mixture.
  • If you need to make the mixture runnier, add a few drops of water, and if you want the mixture to be thicker, add more flour.
  • To this mixture, add a few drops of the color you desire your paint to be.
  • Add more drops if you want the color to be brighter.
  • You can even make combinations by mixing different colors.
  • Next, hold a funnel over the squeeze bottle and pour the paint in. Secure the lid tightly.
  • The paint is ready to be used. Use the paint on thicker paper as this paint is thick and heavy.
  • After using the paint to draw on a paper, make sure to wait for a few minutes for the paint to dry.
Tip: The paint will dry out in a day or two day's time. You can add a few drops of water and shake it to reuse.

Puffy Paint in the Microwave

☛ Self-rising flour, 1 tbsp.
☛ Salt, 1 tbsp.
☛ Water, 7 tsp.
☛ Food coloring (red, green, and blue), small bottles
You Will Also Need
☛ Access to a microwave
☛ Paint brush/Cotton swabs/Squeeze bottle and funnel
☛ Bowls
☛ Spoons
  • Add the flour, salt, and water in a bowl, and mix till the mixture is smooth and without any lumps.
  • Add the food color of your choice, and add in more to bring about a darker shade.
  • Next, transfer the mixture into a squeeze bottle with the help of a funnel and use it to draw on a thick paper.
  • Or, you can use a paint brush or cotton swab and draw onto the paper directly.
  • Once your art is ready, place the paper gently into the oven and microwave the painting for 25-30 seconds.
  • Slowly remove the paper from the oven and let it cool down.
  • The paints will have risen due to the application of heat.
Tip: To make the painting last longer, seal it with a suitable sealant spray.

Using Shaving Cream and Glue

☛ Shaving cream, 1 can
☛ Glue, 1 bottle
☛ Food coloring (red, green, and blue), small bottles
You Will Also Need
☛ Paint brush/Cotton swabs/Squeeze bottle and funnel
☛ Bowls
☛ Spoons
  • Spray out a little shaving cream into a bowl and add an equal quantity of glue to this mixture.
  • Be very careful when adding the glue; you don't want to add a lot at once.
  • Mix the mixture well.
  • You will find that it will begin to rise on its own.
  • Add the color of your choice to this mixture, and use it to paint on slightly thicker paper.
  • Keep it on a flat surface and let it dry overnight.
  • Once it dries, it will further puff up.
Tip: Since you're using glue at its base, you can add and stick other elements to your painting as well―like if you make a flower, then you can add a cardboard stem to it.
And there you have it! Three simple recipes to make your own puffy paint at home. The best part about this? Not only is painting with this fun, preparing the paint is just as much fun as well. So, get ready for a fun-filled afternoon, with a little bit of paint and paper and a whole lot of fun.