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Evil Skull Drawings

Pragya T Mar 14, 2020
Ever heard of a good skull? All skulls are evil, and if you would like to learn how to draw them, here is a story that will show you how.
Evil skulls are symbols that are popular among many groups heavy rock or metal bands, bikers, and pirates! But that's not why we want you to learn how to draw skulls. You can do so in order to improve your skills at drawing itself. So, without further ado, let's go over some important guidelines and step-by-step illustrations of evil skull drawings.

Guidelines to Follow

There are certain techniques you need to keep in mind when selecting a skull design. Here are some tips you should follow.
  • If you wish to make a logo for a magazine or website, it is essential to pick a simple, yet edgy skull art. Also, keep the design crisp with clear lines so that the graphic represents the meaning of the site properly.
  • If you wish to get the drawing printed on a coffee mug, then again keep it simple. You can accompany it with a crossbones sign, a name, or a label.
  • To get the drawing printed on a t-shirt, there are a few factors to consider. For example, if you are getting a t-shirt design printed, then figure out how much will it cost you?
Will it cost less if the design is simple, and in black and white? Or does the colorful version gives the design a better look? Select the design according to your group or whatever you want the t-shirt to represent. You can also add a one-liner message if you like.
  • If you are looking for a drawing as a door sign, then select a mean-looking skull. Add details and colors in the drawing to bring it to life.
  • For graffiti, there are no limitations and you can add as many details as you want. Just make sure the wall is big enough to contain the design, and that you're not vandalizing anyone's private property.

Step-by-step Instructions

Now that you know how to select a skull art, let us look at the step for drawing one.

Step 1 - Anatomy and Basic Form

If you want to study the anatomy of a skull, you will need to remember all the weird names like maxilla, zygomatic bones, glabella, and what not! 
Instead, let's opt for a simpler approach and concentrate on the four main parts of the skull―top round-oval shaped portion, the jaw, the nasal bone, and the eye sockets. Here, I have drawn a basic outline form of the skull, showing the top head and the jaw part.

Step 2 - Adding Evil

Whenever you are drawing anything evil, try to draw sharp lines.
Now add details and characteristics to the drawing; in this sketch I have added the eyes, which have sharp uplifted eyebrows thus betraying an emotion of anger. The jaw or the mouth line is like an inverted 'U' shape showing displeasure. You can try out your own eye shapes and mouth shapes if you like.

Step 3 - Giving Life!

Adding character to the skull is important. Here, I have drawn a bandanna, an earring and added some cross bones to give the skull a pirate look. You can add different details to give the skull different characteristics, below are some examples.

Theme Skull Art Designs with Pictures

The collage has different skulls like death, devil, pirate, girl skull, gangster, rock star, etc. 
You can work out your own drawings on similar designs, or draw a basic skull and give it a unique bad look of your choice.

Stylized Skull Art Designs with Pictures

If you wish to make your skull design stylized and cool looking, then stick to an edgy drawing and try to add least number of details.
So start sketching your evil skulls and get them printed on different objects, to hoard up on your very own evil art skull treasure trove!