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Fabric Paint Designs

Mamta Mule Mar 14, 2020
Are you searching for some unique fabric painting designs to beautify a plain piece of fabric? There are some amazing design ideas which you can use while painting your T-shirts, bags, furnishings or other fabrics.
If you know the basics of fabric painting, then you can work on plain fabrics and turn them into lovely pieces. Fabric painting can be used to jazz up your cool t-shirts, traditional wear kurtis, bed sheets, pillows, table mats and many more such items. Pure cotton, linen, cotton blends, denims and velvet fabrics offer a nice base for fabric paints.
But, before you start with the painting procedure, it is essential to wash the fabric in plain water to get rid of the fabric softeners. Next, iron on the tough wrinkles to have a plain surface to work on. Now that the fabric is ready to be painted, get the brushes, fabric colors and start working. Well, I am sure that you need some ideas on fabric painting designs and patterns, right? Well, then don't get struck, here are some cool fabric paint designs to help you finish your artwork.

Ideas for Fabric Painting Designs

Feminine Prints

Feminine prints are commonly used on women's wear. These include various types of floral prints that give a cute touch to the fabric. Butterflies and fairy prints are favorite of little girls. Go for curvy geometrical prints that look delicate and don't need much detailing and precision.
Again, polka dots are something that girls would love to have on their fabrics. Be it their scarf, handkerchief or a skirt, polka dots look extremely beautiful and girlie.

Stencil Patterns

One of the useful fabric painting tips for the beginners is using stencils. Use of stencils is done for accuracy or usually for creating motif style prints. Such prints are popularly used for bedding, curtains and dresses as well.
Though you can have such motif prints on any fabric, these best suit the furnishings in your home. Of course the polka dots are an exception which will work on any fabric, including the furnishings where you can have larger dots.
Use a simple round stencil, and painting polka dots is not a difficult task. You can also make some table mats and napkins using the stencils or stamps. Stencils can be used on t-shirts as well to have two identical figures, forming a classic print. Stencils are not only for painting designs, but can also be made for alphabets and numbers.

Alphabets and Numbers

Funny, emotional or weird quotes are perfect for trendy t-shirts. Paint designs on shirts can also include your favorite band names or teams names.
Sleeves are also the best place for such prints. College bags can be spiced up with such quotes using your painting skills. Lettering is a popular design among the youngsters. Writing your favorite number, or just painting 0-9 numbers all over the t-shirt, randomly, can make an awesome and unique print.

Think Weird

Get your painting brush, dip it in a color suitable for the fabric and draw a web. Use it to paint your t-shirt, top or a bandanna. Believe me, it will look amazing.
Think of such weird ideas which will definitely make the best fabric painting designs. You can also have an upside down face, a quote, a word written in an opposite order of letters or its mirror image. Believe me, it looks really interesting. Thinking out-of-the-box will definitely help you have some classy fabric pieces ready.
Just think of the latest prints and designs. Check the fashion and lifestyle magazines and websites to know about the popular the designs and colors of this season. Which are the most running prints and which are passe, can be known with help of these. So, pick up those trendy prints and colors and get set to create beautiful fabric paint designs with your painting skills.