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Amazing Face Painting Design for Kids

Mukta Gaikwad
Painting the face is easy and quick to do. Here are some face painting ideas that will make your kids' day even more enjoyable.
A painter creates a picture through movements of his hands. He captures the moment through strokes of his brushes. The colors bring life to the captured moment, hues reflect the mood, and effects catch the essence. And, thus a picture unfolds in front of you, making the moment eternal.
Similar is the art of face painting and more difficult is the art of painting a child's face. The difficulty lies in holding the children in one place, much attributable to their impatience.
Yes, of course the trick lies in mastering this art, but completing the painting with finesse is a bigger ball game. Thus, it is advisable that a painter chooses a design that is easy, appealing, and quick to make.
The foremost essential point while learning the tricks of this art is speed. Impatience of children is insurmountable, which is why they get fidgety when held in one place for more than 15 minutes.
Usually, a painter needs time, space, and stable surface while painting. As the two scenarios are total opposites, reconciling the two, is what makes mastering this skill so difficult.
The next basic factor is to choose the right supplies. The brushes, paints, water, and glitter (if you use any) has to be child friendly. The designs have to be chosen in such a way that as far as possible, child's safety has to be maintained.
Improper usage colors, brushes, glue, and glitter leads to skin irritation and allergic reactions. Once the paint is washed off, it may even leave marks, which definitely won't work in the painter's favor.

Face Painting For Children

Cartoon characters are the most loved designs. Kids breathe cartoons, sleep cartoons, eat cartoons, and to put it simply, they love cartoons.
Legendary characters like Simba, Cinderella, Spider Man, Bat Man, and Nemo will have kids hovering around you. They just won't be able to get enough of cartoons. Creating a look like Jack Sparrow through face painting will make you popular amongst kids!

For Girls

Usually girls go in for mushy characters like Barbie, Bambi, and butterflies. Here's a list of easy designs for girls:
  • Barbies
  • Beetle Bugs
  • Fairies
  • Easter Bunny
  • Make a boy on your face!






For Boys

Boys are sporty in nature and will go in for football clubs. Here are some easy designs for boys:
  • Favorite football club logo
  • Easter Bunny
  • G. I. Joe

Spider Man masks

Bat Man Masks


The Joker


Go for sober designs that would appeal the audience. Detailing your picture is what makes the design more real. For instance, if you are painting a sunset, work on details like the shadow, light effects, and the color schemes. Especially while painting face masks, visualize the theme or the final picture to get what you want.
Make sure that you have mastered the designs in your catalog. Keep your hands clean and wear gloves so that you don't transfer any germs to the child. Gloves will prevent your hands from getting spoiled. To get the perfect looking picture, spend a little over stencils and brushes.
To give effects like shimmer and shine, glitter just works fine. However, the glue used in sticking the glimmer to the skin can be harmful to the skin. And just in case you miss a stroke, keep tissues to wipe them out.
Face painting is an art that can be mastered by practice. But a bigger art lies in developing patience and rapport with the kids!