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Face Painting Ideas for Kids

Mamta Mule Apr 16, 2020
Here are some face painting ideas for kids that the little ones are sure to love. Gather ideas from the following post and get started with painting those colorful strokes on their faces.
Face painting is a highly popular activity amongst kids. Camps, picnics, parties, arts and crafts classes, kids' shows, hobby classes, this activity is a hit everywhere.
While you might find it too uneasy to get-on those colors on your face, kids simply enjoy coloring their faces. If you are falling short of the face painting ideas, here are a few to help you color their faces in interesting designs.

The Basics

First of all, the likes and dislikes of kids must be considered before finalizing the design. Pick designs that kids will love to show off to their friends. Also, choose colors that kids usually love to flaunt with their clothing. Remember, even though you don't like that flashy fluorescent, paint it on your kid's face if he/she loves it. It is always good to have a few designs for kids drawn on paper and then let the little ones choose their favorite.


One of the ideas is to have the animal skins and faces painted on their face. A cat face or a tiger face is one of the extremely popular designs for kids. A butterfly is amongst the cutest designs for girls. Your little girl will surely love a pink-colored butterfly drawn on her face. 
Another amazing and extremely easy idea is to draw a fish. Well, a fish drawn on each cheek with the mouth of the fish drawn on their lips will surely look awesome when seen from a side.

A rabbit face, leopard print, tiger, or lion face is popular amongst boys. Clown faces look very funny and amazing when painted on kids' faces. 
A pumpkin is another wonderful small design. If your kid wants something scary, go for a skull or a green witch with huge teeth. You can also have a spider web painted in red and white colors. You can also try out various designs like snake, octopus, frog, etc.
Apart from these designs, you can also try fairies, cat woman, Easter bunny, batman, stars, sun, and many more fun designs. Remember that choosing the right colors is an important part of the whole exercise. While some designs need to be painted in specific colors, others can be painted in any color from the palette.
Kids love vibrant, flashy shades. Also, wherever dull colors need to be used, you can add the 'glow in the dark' color outlines and shading to make the designs lively.

Make sure you use good quality colors and clean them out properly to avoid skin irritation.
Applying a moisturizer 30 minutes before starting the painting job is good idea to keep their skin undamaged due to paints. Also checkout the number of varieties available in paints. The new shiny colors, and 'glow in the dark' colors are sure to make the designs more flashy.
You can consider adding hair accessories that will complement the designs. You can search for more ideas online and also show the pictures to your kids which will make their choice easier. This is definitely a fun-filled activity. So have fun as you paint the colors on their faces!