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Easy Tips and Tricks for Face Painting

Pragya T
Face painting is a cool art which is easy and fun to do. With the right supplies you can create great looking art. Here are some practical tips on face painting that will help you get started.
Did you know that face painting is an art which originated thousands of years ago? It was done by Indian tribes that used different tribal designs and techniques. Face paint art at that time was used to define the status, culture and tribe of the individual.
Certain tribes in India still practice this art during tribal celebration. Many parts of Asia and Africa still have tribes which paint their faces with different designs. Face painting today is used by people across various race.
Face Painting has also been used in some popular movies. Remember Jim Carey in Mask with the bright green face and dark long eyebrows and dark lips? Do you wish to create some face painting art too? Use the following tips...

Face Painting Tips and Tricks

♠ First of all gather some basic face painting supplies. Always make sure you buy colors of cosmetic grade. So, even if you have non-toxic colors DO NOT use them.
Only stick to colors which are of cosmetic grade. They are safe to use and if you are painting on children's face then you need to be more careful with your painting supplies.
♠ Also, buy other supplies like brushes, sponges, hand napkins, wet wipes, antibacterial gel sanitizer, etc. All these supplies will come very handy. You will need number 2 brush to 3/4 inch wide brush.
Small brushes will help to border your designs, while large brushes will help you color a large area of the face quickly. Sponges will also help you to put color or foundation on the face and neck quickly.
♠ Black hand napkins are a good idea as they don't look dirty and can be used to wipe the paint brushes. Also, keep wet wipes to wipe off the face before you start working on. Use antibacterial wipes or gel to wipe off your hands and brushes, after you are done with one face. This will ensure your clients that you are maintaining good hygiene and safety.
♠ So, get your colors, brushes and other face painting supplies. Start with the simplest of designs and symbols.
♠ As you are a beginner, start with some cheek face painting designs. Keep a chart or book with various cheek designs for boys, girls, men and women. Ask them to choose a design which they like. If you are painting a child's face then make sure you take the parents consent first.
♠ Keep some headbands or scarves and rubber bands handy. Tie the clients hair back so that it doesn't fall on the face when you are painting.
♠ Then wipe the face with wet wipe and apply foundation. And use your colors and brushes to create the design. Many people tend to blot the makeup with baby powder to prevent it from fading away due to sweating. So, you can do this if you want.
♠ After you are done with the face painting, show your client their face paint design using a mirror. Take photograph of your artwork, so that you can save it for your portfolio or blog.
Once you have become good at making small cheek paintings, try some innovative full face painting or face and neck paintings. Be very careful while painting near eyes or mouth or nose. These are sensitive areas and a little bit of cosmetic contact can cause itching or serious problems.
♠ So, in your free time draw some designs, which you can use to paint on the face. Add the good designs to your template book. You can also add some popular full face painting designs like mask, joker, tiger, butterfly, skeleton, etc.
So, what are you waiting for? Gather the face painting supplies and use some free online cheek painting designs to create cool looking paint painting art. Enjoy!