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Tips to Encourage Your Toddler to Do Finger Painting

Amruta Deshpande
Engaging toddlers in some fun arts and crafts activities, at home or school, can be a challenging task sometimes. But with this information, you will see how much fun they have when it's something so exciting as finger painting.
Playing with colors is always an activity enjoyed by children. Toddles do not have control over the paint brushes and often end up putting their tiny fingers in the paint bottles. Finger painting for toddlers is a great art activity to introduce your child to the art of painting.
Finger painting can help in bringing out the creative skills of your child and will also help you spend some quality time together.
Toddlers enjoy getting messy with paint all over them. They love to watch the different designs that develop on the paper. Basically, it is one of the fun-filled, kid-friendly activities enjoyed by kids of all ages. You just need to help them get their creativity on paper.

Getting Started

The task will eventually turn messy, but with a little preparation, it can be a wonderful experience for the toddlers as well as their parents. The following tips will help you and your toddler have a joyous experience with this activity.

Setting Up the Area

In a nice weather, you could plan this activity in the garden area. Your kids are surely going to love painting outside! Another benefit is the easy clean up without having to worry about where the paint goes.
Clean the area where you want to take this activity, spread some pieces of newspaper, place a variety of water colors on a palette or washable tray, and your activity area is all set!

Dress Code

Have your child wear old clothing. Put a paint smock or a large plastic bib on your toddler. These are easily available or can even be made at home. Make sure he/she is wearing old clothes so that you do not have to worry if they get dirty!

Encourage their Creativity

Old toothbrushes or empty paper towel holders can make a great addition to your kid's art experience! You may need to guide their hands to get them started! Supervise them while they paint and make sure they do not put paint in their mouth or eyes. And last but not the least, watch your toddler paint beautiful masterpieces on the paper.

Painting Inspiration

Edible Homemade Paint Recipes

Toddlers have a tendency to put things in their mouth and they might end up eating the finger paint. What you could do to prevent this, is use edible finger paints. Here are some recipes for edible paints for the next time you're conducting the activity.

Pudding Paint

1. In a muffin tray, pour the pudding-mix half way up.
2. In a bowl, mix up the pudding as per the instructions provided.
3. Add different food color in each cavity of the muffin tray and mix well before beginning.

Corn Syrup Paint

1. Add a few drops of food coloring in each bowl.
2. In small bowls, pour couple of spoonful of corn syrup.
3. Mix the colors properly and start the activity.
If your toddler is allergic to synthetic food colors, there is a variety of natural colors that you can use. Try red cherry juice, cranberry juice, turmeric paste, blueberry juice, etc., for adding colors. Follow the given tips and enjoy the fun activity with your toddler!