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Fun Things to Draw for Your Kids

Saptakee Sengupta
If you are looking for some fun things to draw for kids, then this article would be the perfect guide for you. The ideas put forth in this story are funny, amusing, and interesting. Read on to discover these things...
It is very important to understand the psychological train of a child and then reciprocate to their needs accordingly. They are capable of perceiving everything that they observe and then they interpret strange things through their own childish instincts.
Thus, when you draw something for your kids, make sure that they understand the image and enjoy the art. Spending time with your kids by teaching them how to draw funny things is indeed a joyful activity. They get absorbed in the drawing when someone draws cute things for them and in the process they also learn how to draw.
If you are running a drawing school, then you will be well accustomed with the demands of children attending the school. Kids are usually fond of anime, cartoons, and drawings of people doing funny activities. The fun part lies in the fact that, they relate with such stupidities and try to mimic them.
If you fail to understand what they are actually looking for in the image, then you would definitely be nagged till you get the right thing done. So here are a few options that you can practice beforehand.

Cartoons and Anime

Kids love to keep themselves glued to the television for hours on a stretch to watch their favorite cartoons. They know each and every feature of a cartoon character and would definitely ask you to draw them at your leisure hour. Why not give it a try?
If you have an Internet connection at home, then check out the appearance of that character and try to sketch it on a paper. Know your kid's favorite cartoon, superhero, or anime figure and do it for him. I'm sure he or she would enjoy a lot looking at this sketch of their favorite cartoon character. Incorporate bright hues to make it attractive.

Queer Animals

Animals could be portrayed in weird forms by playing with their facial features and giving them a more humanoid shape. A few examples of queer animals include a donkey laughing loudly, a monkey giggling with its jaws apart, or a rat hunting a tiger.
The animals could also be drawn doing strange activities, like an elephant bathing its baby or a hippo plucking its horn. You can also pick up animated animals from comics, movies, and telly shows.
Simba and Hakuna Matata from the movie The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, Scooby Doo, Garfield, Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes), and Tintin's dog Snowy are some of the most lovable animals of kids. Draw them on a paper and use the colors exactly like those in the original.

Emoticons & Smileys

Kids always get fascinated with emotive faces having a wide range of expressions. Probably because they are able to relate with them in some ways or they love to mimic the weird facial expressions in front of mirrors.
It could also be a wonderful craft project wherein, you can sketch the best possible emotive characters on a drawing sheet and then frame it with a cardboard. The varied expressions and twisted features on smiley faces attract the kids and they enjoy a lot sketching them on paper with pencil and colors.

Emulating Characters

What could be funnier than sketching the person (doing some silly and funny things) whom your child loves the most? It would evoke a great deal of humor if you have painted him/her doing some really, really amusing activities. Draw your kid's teacher chasing a cow or riding an elephant.
You can also draw your child's best friend riding on a roller coaster and crying loudly. These are some of the funny things that you can imagine or capture from daily chores of life and represent them in a humorous way on the canvas. There are a plenty of ways to draw human beings in a comical manner with a little imagination and creativity.
Spending time with your kids is the pillar of a relationship which allows it to bloom in a healthy way, and drawing is just one of the mediums that strengthens the bond.
With so many examples listed above, I'm sure you have plenty of ideas to keep your kids tuned with happiness and joy. Engage yourself in such fun-filled activities and create a mirthful vibe in your house.