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Fun Things to Draw When Bored

Geeta Dhavale
Many people believe that drawing helps in relieving boredom. This story shares some insights on fun things that you can draw when you are utterly bored, to help you uplift your mood.
When you are bored you should indulge in something that helps you combat the boredom and makes you feel refreshed or relaxed. You can engage yourself in your favorite hobby when you are bored or low. And if your hobby is drawing then nothing can be more interesting than that.
Drawing helps you release not only your pent up energy, but also the trapped emotions and desires through your pencil to the paper creating a new masterpiece every time you draw. Ideally, you should draw whatever you feel like drawing as this is the only way to bring out the best in you.
If you are an artist, you will certainly have some natural instinct and an idea about what to draw. Just close your eyes for few seconds and draw whatever that you saw or felt during those few seconds.

Things To Draw When Bored

Doodles: What you draw when you are attending a boring science lecture is known as doodle. We all have doodled at some point or the other when we were in school. If you do not remember them just go through your school notebooks if you have any and check what you have drawn on some of the last pages of your notebook.
You probably have drawn the cartoon versions of your teachers or some comic strip kind of a dialog between some people. Doodles are generally simple and unfocused kind of drawings where the pictures may or may not have any concrete meanings.
Caricatures: Caricatures are one of the most funny and cool things to draw when you are bored as they can make you burst with laughter in no seconds. Drawing a caricature involves a pictorial and exaggerated representation of any person with distinguishing features. Caricatures take very less time to draw and are relatively easy to draw if you have some art training.
Figure Drawing: It essentially involves drawing the human body in different postures depicting various emotions, feelings, and situations. You can draw such pictures by your imagination and using your creativity or you can take ideas from a sculpture to draw one. You can also browse through various websites to get some ideas on figure drawings that you can draw.
Stick Figures: Stick figures are extremely easy to draw and can be drawn easily even by people who have no formal training. In stick figures, you can only use lines and dots. Such drawing is generally used as symbols that covey various messages. For example, you must have seen stick figures outside public toilets, at signals, or at the train platforms, etc.
Silhouette: It involves drawing a featureless object, a person, or a scene consisting only of the outline. The inner side of the drawing is generally black and the mood and shape of a person's body, object, or scene is expressed through the border or outline of the picture. It is the outline of the curve that expresses the gesture and feel of the drawing. This art form is very versatile and allows you to express what you want to say through subtle changes in shapes and sizes of anything you draw.
Apart from these you can draw cartoons, portraits, scratch boards, silver point, and sketches, etc. So, the next time you feel bored and low you know what to do.