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Glass Etching Stencils

Etched glass can be costly, but with some etching stencils you can create your own designs. Read on...
Pragya T
Etching glass is not a very popular hobby, but an easy to learn. Etching glass is easy to do as there are many stencils available. One doesn't have to be an expert at drawing or painting to learn glass etching, only follow the process of glass etching properly to achieve great-looking glass objects.
Here is more information on buying these stencils, making your own stencils, and how to use the stencils to etch on glass.

Getting Etching Stencils

You can shop online for stencils, there are hundreds of designs available. Use the same stencils to etch on mirror or on glass. There are beautiful Victorian designs that you can use for etching on mirrors or on big glass objects like kitchen or bathroom cabinets.
There are beautiful floral designs which you can use to itch window glass. You can also use small floral stencils designs to make border around the glass table or on glass dishes.
You can create show pieces like frame glass with etched border. There are many designs of birds, that you can use to etch small glass items. Beautiful sea animals like dolphins or other fish can be used to itch glasses too. You can also etch bubbles on a fish bowl.
You can use nautical symbols or letters to make personalized glass pendants or objects for a person. Various holiday symbol stencils like bells, a wreath, peace symbols, Santa, cake, etc., can be used to etch items and give them as gifts during the holiday. You can buy reusable glass etching stencils, so that you can reuse them for multiple etching projects.

Making the Stencils

If you are not able to find a glass etch design of your choice, then custom the stencils yourself. First select an image that you want to etch, you can get many artworks online or in books. Then get a print of that image or photocopy it.
Take a clear contact paper and place it on the table, and place the image on it, and stick them together with tape to keep them intact. Then use a craft knife to make clean cuts. Trim out any jagged edges with scissors. This will be your stencil. Now, comes the step of how to etch glass, here are the guidelines that will help you...

Glass Itching with Stencils

The process of using stencils is fairly easy, but make sure you maintain proper safety while doing this. As etching cream can be harmful to skin. Read the instructions on the box of etching cream properly before using the stencils on glass to etch.
Prepare the surface of the glass well by washing it with soapy water then let it dry completely,and wipe it with a soft silk cloth. Then remove the contact paper backing from the stencil and place it on the glass surface you want to etch.
Apply the etching solution on the stencil and leave it for the recommended time. Cover the glass surface to prevent the solution from coming in contact with the rest of the glass surface.
Then wash the surface with cold water and peel off the stencil to check the etched design onto the glass. Start with small projects like etched wine glass, glass plates, glass bowls, etc., then move on to bigger glass projects.
So, use the design ideas for etching glass and create great-looking itched glass items and gift them to your family and friends. Good luck!