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Glow in the Dark Body Paint

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Interested in adorning your body by using glow in the dark paint, but do not actually know much about the product? Read this story to have a brief idea about this body paint variety and how to apply it.
We are often intrigued by unusual chemistry phenomena, one of which is phosphorescent pigment. This pigment absorbs light when available and releases it when dark. You might have seen glow in the dark process beforehand; the most common of which is the hand of a clock which looks bright green in dark for a few minutes, and slowly fades on.
Other products based on this technology are glow in the dark powder, ink, paint, etc. Glow in the dark body paint has gained huge popularity amongst kids and teens. Obviously, since it lends a very intriguing effect in dark.

What is Glow in the Dark Body Paint?

The correct name to signify glow in the dark paint is phosphorescent paint. During the formulation of this product, phosphorescent particles (e.g., doped strontium aluminate and silver-activated zinc sulfide) that remain bright in the dark are added in a specific amount to give self-luminescent effects.
It is available in a variety of colors, including green, blue, yellow, purple, red, and pink. So, you have the option of selecting colors as per your preference.
In most cases, the glowing duration for red paint is lesser than other colors. Some brands claim the glow period to be as long as 12 hours, except for red which glows for a shorter period, in minutes.

How to Apply?

The procedure is very similar to that of normal paint. You can paint vivid designs with this wonderful product and add more fun to your Halloween parties. Other events that are perfect for using it are birthday parties, costume parties, pirate parties, concerts, and festivals. During application, use black light to see what you are painting.
As mentioned already, red colored paint remains bright for a short period. Hence, depending upon how long you would like to make your body art glow, select the colors carefully. Also, bring a personalized touch to your body art by including designs related to the occasion. You can also try out temporary glow in the dark tattoos with these paints.

Where to Purchase?

You should always opt for quality brands when buying this paint. Ensure that you are buying a body paint, not a fabric paint. After all, you will be applying the paint directly to your skin. Any harmful chemical present in the product may cause skin irritations and allergic reactions.
Strictly follow the instructions for application and drying, as directed by the manufacturer. The brightness of the product is determined by the grades, ranging from scale 0-7 (zero being the brightest and seven least bright). You can also make your own paint by using powder and a paint medium.
One of the advantages of these paints is that you can refill it several times by using an appropriate light source. To be more precise, the light absorption and release phenomena can be repeated many times. Expose the paint to light for a few minutes, by which time the phosphorescent particles will absorb adequate light. With this step, your body paint is refilled and ready to glow when darkness fills the room.