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What You Must Know About Glow in the Dark Paint

Abhijit Naik
A brief information on phosphorescent paint, often referred to as glow in the dark paint, which has become quite popular of late owing to its numerous uses.
Glow in the dark paint, technically referred to as the phosphorescent paint, is a luminous paint, which is typically characterized by its pale green to greenish-blue glow in dark surroundings. It has several uses, right from marking roads and sign boards, to decorating the ceiling and walls.

Phosphorescent Paint

Phosphorescent paint is made up of phosphors―a fluorescent or phosphorescent synthetic substance―such as zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate.
When this paint is exposed to any source of light, it absorbs the photons―elementary particles which are their own anti-particles―from it. When these photons are eventually released by the paint, they create a distinct phosphorescent glow, either pale blue or greenish-blue in appearance.
Its ability to absorb and release the photons is known as photoluminescence. In case of phosphorescent paint, the emission of the glow persists for a long time after it is exposed to some source of light.
The duration may range from a few minutes to a few hours, after which the glow will eventually fade away. The fact that phosphorescent paint stays longer gives it an edge over its counterparts.


As it glows in the dark, this is used for safety purpose to warn people of danger. When traveling on a highway at night, we observe boards with glowing signs, which warn us about changes in elevation, upcoming turns, or speed limit.
Most of these signs are made from this paint, rather than the radium paint. As far as road safety is concerned, glow paint is used for marking pedestrian crossings and painting road signs. When it comes in contact with the headlights, it tends to glow for some time before fading away.

Walls and Ceiling

Among the several uses of this glowing paint, the most popular is painting the walls or ceiling of kids bedroom. Making stars, galaxies, or comets on the ceiling of your children's bedroom can give them a feeling of sleeping under the open sky.
Though the color of this paint is normally green or blue, you can mix different colored pigment into it to give it the desired effect. However, do take into consideration the fact that doing so will decrease the intensity of the glow.

Car Paint

This paint is also quite popular among car enthusiasts, who like to see their car stand out among the thousands plying on the roads.
Though, it is possible to give your car an entire coat of glow paint, it would just make the entire car glow, without adding any creativity to it. On the other hand, using this paint to make various designs or wordings on the body of your car, will earn you praises for your creativity.

How to Make Glow in the Dark Paint at Home?

It may come across as a sophisticated task, but it's easy to make this paint on your own. You will just require pure phosphorescent powder and acrylic gel medium to make such glow paint.
You simply have to take 3 parts of acrylic medium and 1 part of phosphorescent powder and mix it, and your paint is ready. You will have to ensure that you use it the day it was prepared, or else you won't see the desired results. You can also use this paint to make temporary glow in the dark tattoos.
Over the last few years, phosphorescent paint has made a strong bid as an apt alternative for radio-luminescent paint, which was used in the specialized applications until its harmful effects were discovered recently.