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Tips And Designs to Hand Paint Your Wine Glasses

Mamta Mule
Hand painted wine glasses are a great addition to your collection of glassware. Have a look at some tips and designs to make these glasses at home.
Various types of wine glasses are one of the commonly gifted items. They are presented on various occasions and are a popular birthday, anniversary, or wedding favors as well.
So if you are planning to have these as a gift or favor then why not personalize them to make a unique piece. This can be done by painting them in different colorful designs. These hand painted wine glasses can also be used as decorative pieces to enhance the home decor.


You can either get the glasses from your set of glassware or just get various types of wine glasses from dollar store or craft store.
You also need the painting brushes in various sizes. You can get a soft or medium bristle brush as per the requirement of the design. Acrylic paint colors especially, suitable for glass painting must be bought.
Now, there are two types in these also, opaque colors and transparent colors. Opaque, as the name suggests, are solid colors through which light cannot pass. So if you don't want the colors to change their shade due to the light passing through it, use these.
The transparent colors allow light to pass through, which actually give a natural look to the painted glass. The transparent colors come in glossy as well as frosted finish. These are air dried colors which are not known to be suitable for items which are washed regularly.
So, for a permanent paint you can opt for bake-on colors which are known to be extremely durable and permanent. Some air-dried paints can also be further baked if you desire to increase their durability.
With a range of options in paint colors, you need to choose the type correctly, as each type has a number of shades available. Remember not to mix two paints of different formulation, like a air-dry and bake-on. So have all the shades in same type of paint line to have the best wine accessory ready.

Design Ideas

If you are making hand painted wine glasses for weddings you may use floral designs. A single large flower or a number of small flowers can be drawn on the glasses. A single diagonally painted calla lily is sure to look pretty. You can have flowers covering half of the glass, from the base along with the stem.
You can either opt for simple white, pink, and lavender colors or jazzy orange, red, and yellow to paint the glass. Hand painted wine glasses with grapes are popular and look lovely. You can have a set of these on your dining table.
Painting the glass in black branches design is a great idea to have a unique piece. To have some elegant pieces you can use silver, golden, bronze, or metallic shades and paint curvy prints, stripes, or just paint the stem and border of the mouth. Yo may also go for zebra prints, leopard spots, or giraffe prints.
To make it more personal, you can write the name or initial of the person graced with simple design and give these as birthday favors. Use of some jazzy shades, classic color combinations, and unique designs, can make some really funky hand painted wine glasses.
While painting a design, it is best to have the same in more pieces to make a decorative set of wine glasses ready to be used whenever required. So, get the best shades, best paint line, and draw some artistic strokes to have classic wine glasses ready.