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How to Create Your Own Anime Character

Shashank Nakate
To make your own anime character, creativity, drawing skills, and a little knowledge of computers are prerequisite. If you have all these skills, read on to know how to create your own anime character.
The art of creating anime characters originated in Japan, and is distinguished from other cartoons by the child-like faces and emphasis on the eyes. Use of sharp lines in drawing is a prominent feature of anime or Manga art.

What is Anime?

The word anime is an abbreviation of animation. It originated in the year 1917, and became popular not only in Japan, but the world over.
It can be created both with the help of hands (i.e., drawing) and computers. Anime characters have their origin in the art of Manga, which is used to create graphic designs, characters and story lines for comics, cartoons, etc.
The topics or themes that are covered under Manga include historical drama, games, comedy, adventure, mystery, fantasy, etc.

Making Your Character

Creating your own anime is a fun experiment with colors, sketches, and designs.
In order to make a character, one should also create a storyline, as it helps fit in the character properly in the sequence of events. There is a lot of scope in designing and enhancing the appearance of the character.
One can add features to the character by giving it different powers or weapons, such as a sword. It is a common practice to make anime characters by drawing them; however, computers can also be used create them.

How to Draw

Drawing an anime is the most challenging and interesting part of creating your own character in this art. While drawing the basic structure, one should first focus on the anatomy of the character.
In order to draw the face, a circle should be used as a guide. It helps in giving the face a proper symmetrical shape. One can avoid asymmetrical lines by using the circle as a guide. To draw the front view of the face, one should divide the face in four quadrants. Drawing anime step-by-step would help create a sketch that is proportionate and easy to make.
After dividing the circular face into 4 quadrants, the bottom quadrants should be extended or elongated to create the jaw. The elongation should be a bit pointed to draw the chin. The horizontal line that cuts across the face should be used as a 'guide line' to draw the eyes. Once the eyes are made, it is relatively easy to draw the rest of the face.
The proportions of the human body are the guidelines used to sketch these characters. The head is considered to be the unit while deciding on the proportion. Sketching the hands requires a lot of practice. The hands need to be slender, but strong, in their appearance.
One can use their creativity in drawing the hair, as anime characters are generally varied when it comes to their hairstyles. 3D animation can also be used to enhance the look of your character.
Once the character and the storyline are created, you should think about posting it on the Internet. It helps you get reviews and feedback on your work by experts. Tips and suggestions given by them would add more depth to your work.