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Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Cat

Prashant Sawant Mar 22, 2020
Cats are interesting animals who, at times, can amuse us with their funny antics, and are consequently commonly portrayed as funny characters in cartoons. If you too are thinking of drawing a funny feline, we will help you learn how to draw a cartoon cat step-by-step.
Cartoons make us laugh and this makes them enjoyable to watch. But won't it be more fun if you could draw your own cartoon cat? With the help of this information, even those who are not the best at drawing will be able to draw a cartoon cat in just a few steps.
Cats are great companions and friends, especially for kids, who are closer to them and love to play with kittens. It is quite easy to draw a cat once you understand the basic strokes you need to make. So without further ado, let us go into the details of drawing a cartoon cat.
Before we begin, there are some essential points to be taken into consideration. Remember that the correct depiction of slenderness, robustness, lengthiness and thickness of the legs are important to form an overall image of a cat.

Easy Steps to Draw a Cartoon Cat

You need to follow the instructions given in the following tutorial to sketch yourself a lovely cartoon cat.

Basic Requirements:
●Color pencils

Step 1: Draw an Outline for the Head and Body

●To draw the outline of the head, make an oval-shaped circle.
●Draw another two oval-shaped circles attached to each other to form the body of the cat - as shown in figure.

Step 2: Sketch the Legs

●Cat's legs are small and a little stout. To accurately depict this, draw curved lines to form the front legs.
●Draw paws by adding ovals for the front and rear legs at the end - as shown in figure.

Step 3: It's a Long 'Tail' to Draw

It's now time to see how to draw a cat's tail.

●Basically, to begin with, you need to draw a shape that is close enough to the letter 'S' to form a tail.
●Draw another curved line along with it for the raised tail - as shown in figure. A raised tail is a sign of a friendly greeting, according to body language of cats.

Step 4: Connecting the Shapes to form a Cat

●To give it a proper shape, connect the body and head with curved lines.
●Similarly, connect the oval circles too with arcs to form a cobby shape of a body - as shown in figure.

Step 5: Other Detailing

●To draw ears, make two cone shapes on the top of the head. Now, give a shape to the cat's face as shown.
●Complete the sketch of the face by drawing sleepy eyes, a nose and a mouth - as shown in figure.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

●Complete your sketch by erasing any unnecessary lines.
●Add more detailing by drawing accessories like a necklace, belt, or cap for your cat. And yes, while you are sketching your cat's eyes, do remember to draw the pupils as two long slits, not circles but slits - as shown in figure.

Step 7: Splash Some Colors

Now comes the fun part, i.e., coloring the cat!

●Let your imagination run wild; color the cat with your favorite colors to make it appear more attractive and cartoon-ish. Choose whichever shades you like for this activity.
●If choosing colors puts you in a fix, here are some suggestions you can opt for: black and white, brown and white, pink and white, etc.
This animation will give you a quick view of the steps of cartoon cat tutorial.
So you see, drawing a cartoon cat is quite easy using these simple steps. Don't be disappointed if your cat does not turn out the way you imagined it the first time. You can always practice sketching in rough and then draw your perfect cat.
Hold your pencil steady, remember clean curves come from confidence. Draw sharp strokes to make a neat cartoon cat. Ensure your pencil is well-sharpened and always keep a good quality eraser for your rescue. Just follow the instructions given and have a ball drawing your 'purry' friend!