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How to Draw Cartoon Flowers

Divya Bichu
If you are looking up the net for help to draw cartoon flowers; you have hit the right page. Find here, the most simple and easy ways to draw cartoon flowers.
The word cartoon may bring to your mind comic books or comic strips you read in the newspaper every day. But cartooning means more than all this. It may mean many different things to different people; however, each one has its own significance and cartoon flowers are no exception.
Flowers in any form are beautiful and charming and cartoon flowers with a fun element attached to it are all the more beautiful and funny. You can draw them, if you are making a comic strip or a comic book.
They also add to the beauty of a greeting card, and nothing can be better than drawing this pretty cartoon flowers for your loved one, to put across your message in a unique way. You can also be creative in making the flower look artistic and presentable.
You can present on paper, a variety of flowers like the hibiscus, sunflower, rose, daisy (which is the absolute favorite), jasmine or violets in humorous ways.
But the best one is an abstract or simple kido cartoon flower that best expresses your feelings or ideas you want to communicate. This information helps you learn how to draw flowers in the most simplest way. Just follow the given instructions.

How to Draw Cartoon Flowers: Step-By-Step

Step 1

On your drawing sheet draw vague circles as many as you want; they need not be perfect. You don't need a compass or a stencil to get the circles right, just free hand circles, which look like in the picture alongside.
If you are trying your hand at drawing for the first time use an HB pencil (which has a light and soft lead), it will give you the liberty to erase the pattern clean, if you are not happy with it. If you are confident enough, go for a marker or sketch pens straight away, then lead lines from each circle as shown in the picture, which will act as their stems.

Step 2

The next step is to add petals to these circles. Petals would be oval-shaped. It is not very difficult to get the shape right, and in fact you may draw ovals around the circle lightly (meaning it is OK, if the petals happen to overlap the circle you have already drawn).
You can rub off the unwanted part of the oval that overlaps the circle. Check picture 2 to get correct judgment of the fully bloomed cartoon flowers. You can also use your creativity to add variations to these flower petals.

Step 3

Just as these flowers look good in a bunch they look cute lone too. Now, you just have to thicken the slight arc, (which we said would act as the stem) you already created in the first step.
Once you have thickened the arc, add two leaves on both sides of the stem. Position them anywhere on the stem; it is up to you! It is not necessary that all your leaves look similar, don't be afraid if the shapes vary a little.

Step 4

Great job! Your cartoon flowers are almost done. It is time we add a finishing touch to the flowers we have created. Erase the unwanted lines, if any. Now, splash your cartoon flowers with bright colors.
You can also blend darker and lighter shades to create an amazing effect. Use your finger or an eraser to smudge the colors. The angry flower in the album will give you a clear picture of how two colors are blended together to create a little texture.

Step 5

Now, comes the most interesting part; emoting. You can make the flower look like, it is smiling, crying, sad, angry, or even thinking. All you have to do is draw two small circles in the main circle as eyes, a small curve as nose and curved lines that emote your feelings.
Here are some expressions created, in case you want to use any of them, to make your message interesting. Take a look.
Winky Flower
Sleepy Flower
Angry Flower
Happy Flower
Sad Flower
So, how to make cartoon flowers should not be a problem anymore, right? These cartoon flowers can emote lot more than you think. Brush up your creative skills and draw those pretty or funny cartoon flowers to add humor to your message or comic book!