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How to Draw Cartoons Step by Step

Charlie S
The aim of this article to explain to you how to draw cartoons step by step. Read on, to know more about this art which has helped many in making millions at the cost of millions of smiles.
Though there are many people who wish to learn how to draw cartoon step by step, very few of them actually succeed in drawing good cartoons. Drawing cartons can be fun and full of entertainment. It can also help us to enhance the creativity in ourselves. By learning how to draw cartoons characters you can make this your hobby which you can practice in your spare time.

Easy Ways of Drawing Cartoons

The first step would be to observe the cartoons drawn in newspapers, on the Internet and also those printed in the books and magazines. The cartoons can be of humans and also of the animals.
While you are drawing cartoons of human beings, you should first create a rough sketch or an outline which you can further develop and then color it to give it an appearance of a real and attractive cartoon. The head and the body of the humans can be started with an oval of sufficient and appropriate sizes. Draw the chest portion again with an oval shape.
You can use a small triangle to denote the region of the waist. You can use the straight lines to denote the legs of the male as well as the female cartoon characters. The legs for the taller carton characters will obviously be longer than those for the shorter funny cartoon characters.
The shoes can be drawn by a semicircle and be colored with brown color. The cartoons should be colored attractively and with suitable colors to give them a very lively look.
Now, let us talk about how to draw the facial details of the cartoon characters. You can use small horizontal black lines to draw the eyebrows of the cartoons. The eyes can be drawn by two small circles each having a dark pupil. You can use a cone to denote the nose. The cartoons with a smile or an angry look quite funny.
Drawing the face of the cartoons in a great way is important as it is the only way of showing the expressions of the cartoons. The hair of the cartoons can be drawn either in the curly way or simply kept straight depending on the personality of the cartoon character.
For a studious and sincere character, have round spectacles over his eyes. If the cartoon is of a office going person, then you can draw formal clothes with a colored tie for the cartoon. Have colorful and funny clothes for the female characters with skirts with small dots and flowers.
Along with the human cartoon characters, you will definitely find the need to draw animal cartoon characters. Drawing the animals such as cats, dogs, elephants, lions, monkeys, pigs etc. is easy and can be full of entertainment and fun. Drawing a caricature of a cat is quite simple-start off by drawing a circle and then draw the eyes sand triangular ears.
Have a v-shaped nose for the cat and draw the stripes which are often there on its body with small lines. Drawing the paws is also easy-you can draw them with three u-shaped curves. There are many books in the bookstores which can give you tips on drawing a cartoon. The only way to master drawing these cartoons is by consistent practice and full dedication!
In the beginning you may find it difficult the master both the act of drawing and the putting the clownish look into them. However with practice, you can manage both of them and can make the characters and unfamiliar or familiar expressions on the known faces realize on the paper.