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How to Draw a Dragon

Charlie S Feb 20, 2020
We have explained here how to draw a dragon step by step, wherein we have suggested some simple methods and tricks for drawing it.
There are many people who wonder how to draw dragons. Many people are not aware of the simple ways and techniques of drawing one.
For all those who wish to know how to draw a Chinese and cartoon dragon, the information given in the next few paragraphs will prove to be quite useful.Here is a step-by-step drawing guide to help you out...


► The first step in the process for drawing it is to draw a triangle which has a ninety degree angle between two of its sides.

► In addition to this triangle, you need to draw three more triangles out of which one will be for the nose, the other for the ear, and the last one will be at the bottom.
► Now, draw the mouth and the eyes which are the main parts. The mouth should be wide open.
► Draw a few large-sized teeth, and make sure that the rest of the teeth are small-sized and of the same length.

► Do not forget to draw the nostrils. Though there are many ways of drawing them, the best way to draw them is by having two half loops which are adjacent to each other.
► By starting from the nostrils, you should draw the muzzle and the lower jaw of the dragon.

► The muzzle should be drawn by drawing a square or a rectangle which will start from its nostrils.

► The jaw which is located below the muzzle should be drawn using a rectangle.
► It is quite obvious that the size and the length of this rectangle should be lesser than that of the upper rectangle or square used for drawing the muzzle.

► The part over the eye of the dragon should have a slight bump.
► Shade the dragon with the help of a pencil.

► Dragons generally have horns which are on the top of the head.

► Practice drawing the head independently a few times. You can use small, equal-sized isosceles triangles to draw the horns.
► In order to draw a cartoon one, you should draw very large-sized horns. This can give a funny look to it. The portion from the neck till its legs should have a curve at the center.

► Now, draw the legs and then the feet with the help of three lines on both the sides.
► You can color it in attractive colors to give it a very realistic look.
Hopefully, this information must have described how to draw a dragon for kids. Drawing one is not difficult if you understand each and every step of this process. All the best!