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Learn How to Draw Faces Step By Step

Ujwal Deshmukh
Drawing faces is not everyone's job! It is a rare art. Here, you'll learn how to draw faces step by step.
Certainly, sketching exact faces is a rare art! Expertise at sketching landscapes, beautiful flowers, attractive designs and other pictures are common, but sketching faces is not everyone's cup of tea! Not many are fortunate enough to have this skill gifted to them. However, you can learn to draw a face when you get proper guidance and tips to do it.
Of course you would not become Leonardo Da Vinci in a week, but with practice you could at least become a local expert!!  At the outset, we will learn how to draw faces, step by step with the help of tips. But, remember, only reading the tips would not serve the purpose! To achieve perfection and expertise, you need to practice a lot!
Realism is the basic, and probably the most important demand in drawing faces. Following these tips would help you in learning the art quickly. You will need a sketching paper or a regular drawing sheet, B or HB pencil, and a regular eraser.

Step # 1

Preparing an outline or designing a border of your entire sketch is the first part. You need to draw an oval structure or an upside down egg, before you actually start with other facial features. Further, you can try out other faces of different shapes and dimensions!

Step # 2

Once you are done with preparing the outline, you can move onto the next step. Needless to say, facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, lips, etc. form the most important part of face. 
Therefore, placing them in the right position and place is also equally vital. To do this, draw a horizontal line, halfway down the face. This will indicate the position of eyes. See that the line is straight enough and the eyes do not get crooked.

Step # 3

Further, as soon as you decide the position of eyes, you need to decide the position of the nose. To do this, draw a horizontal line between the bottom of the chin and the eye line.

Step # 4

After eyes and nose, comes the position of the mouth. In order to determine this position, once again draw a horizontal line, between the nose line and the bottom of the chin.

Step # 5

Nature has designed the human face in such a way that it is vertically symmetrical. So our next step is to divide the face in two equal parts. Do this by drawing a vertical line, exactly down the center of the head, from top to bottom.
The last step is to draw the neck, by drawing two vertical lines on both the sides of the face.
This is a completely sketched face.
This was just a basic and a quick method teaching you how to draw faces. It certainly does not stop over here. There is much more to learn like shading the face according to the light, learning how to sketch facial features, etc.
After all, it is the accuracy of facial features that decides, how exact and accurate the face sketch is. Each one has different dimensions and shapes of facial features and this forms a part of advanced drawing or sketching.