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Learn How to Draw a Fish

Shashank Nakate Feb 25, 2020
Drawing a fish is one of the favorite activities of children. The procedure on how to draw a fish in different styles is explained in detail in the paragraphs here. Enjoy this activity with your children and have fun.
The procedure of drawing a fish is one of the simplest activities, if compared to other animals or birds. Their slender bodies makes it easy. Unlike the complexities and intricacies involved in drawing other creatures, sketching a fish is relatively easy.

Step By Step Procedure

Here is a simple process to draw a fish step by step.
  • The first step in the process is to draw a basic oval shape which tapers at one end. The tapering end should then be extended to sketch the tail; the tail comes with a fin.
  • Some people are a bit worried or confused while creating a tail. However, sketching a tail is no big deal. The shape of the tail is almost triangular with a flat edge. The tapering part is connected to the main body. The scales on the tail can be made in the form of lines.
  • Fins need to be added to the sides as well as on the stomach. It gives a detailed look.
  • Finally, one should add eyes, a mouth, and gills.
  • To make the picture colorful, one can add a suitable background.

Drawing a Fish Bowl

This process is equally simple as that of sketching a fish. The step-by-step procedure is presented here.
  • One should first draw a circle on a white piece of paper. The upper portion of the circle (about half inch) should be erased.
  • The loose ends/lines which result from the process of erasing should be joined by a straight line.
  • Another line parallel to this should be drawn below it. This line stands for the water level in the fish bowl. The line should be sketched lightly, in case the water is painted.
  • A small line or probably border should be made at the bottom of the bowl; it serves as the base of the bowl.
  • The interiors bowl should include gravel, sea weeds, and other decorations like castles, wrecked ships, etc.
  • Using appropriate colors for the objects is necessary.

Drawing a Fish Jumping Out of Water

One should just have a know-how about sketching techniques for applying brush/pencil strokes which depict motion.
  • For this procedure, one has to draw both the fish and bowl as per the procedures.
  • However, in order to depict motion, water cannot be shown steady. Instead, the water should be sketched in an agitated form. It is necessary to create ripples.
  • The fish needs to be sketched 1 - 2 inches above the edge of the bowl.
  • The motion is depicted by water droplets along the trail led by the fish. Pencil strokes should be made forcefully in order to depict the speed of the motion. These strokes should extend from the tail till the water surface in the bowl.
  • The fish cannot be depicted as dry when it is jumping out. The body surface needs to be sketched with small droplets. Care should be taken to see that too many droplets are not drawn.

Procedure to Create a Tropical Fish

Drawing a tropical fish is a bit different from the regular ones.
  • In these, colors hold great importance; colors are mostly bright.
  • Tropical fish generally have a broad stomach portion. The structure of the fins remains the same.
  • Instead of making an oval-shaped stomach/body, one should sketch a rectangular form.
  • The mouth is created in the form of a small triangle at the front. The tail should be just like that of any normal fish. All these parts need to be sketched lightly.
  • These parts should finally be merged in at the end with a thick border.
  • Drawing the mouth, eyes, gills, and fins completes the process.
One of the easiest creatures to draw, fish can be sketched quickly by following the procedures mentioned. The instructions given will prove useful to you and after mastering this art, you can move forward to many more animals and birds.