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How to Draw a Horse Step by Step

Fatima Rangwala Mar 16, 2020
This story gives you simple and lucid directions on how to draw a horse step by step.
To be able to draw, using just one's imagination, without having the object to be drawn in front of you, is pure art. But this article is not going to intimidate you with such high expectations. Instead, it will teach you how to become a pro at drawing, by following a simple set of instructions. Learn how to draw a horse through this article.

Drawing Considerations

Learning how to draw a horse can be exciting, especially, if you love the animal. You can draw a horse on a racetrack, in a running posture, grazing on the farm with a cowboy standing beside it, or you can draw a bunch of horses on a battlefield, or with men sitting on them fighting in a war.
This tutorial is very simple to understand and after practicing a few strokes, you might realize that you don't need help at all. Since it is your first attempt, draw on a clean A4-sized drawing paper sheet or use a canvas where there's more room to space out your picture.
Remember, it's your first attempt so enjoy whatever you do and however it turns out to be.

Step #1

Here is where you lay out the base for your sketch of this animal. You can easily build the framework if you are well-versed with the knowledge of different geometrical shapes and lines.
Draw a shape in the form of a peanut: for the horse's head, and a shape in the form of a bean: for the horse's body. Space both equally so that you can draw the neck later.
The sketch has to be temporary at the start, so that if you go wrong somewhere, you can erase it off easily. So try sketching lightly and with soft strokes.

Step #2

In this step, we draw the body of the horse. Draw a rectangle for the neck between the bean and the peanut shapes drawn in step 1.

Step #3

This step tells you how to sketch the legs for the horse. Just beneath the bean-shaped structure (which is the main body of the horse), draw the front two legs first. Draw one of the hind legs in a rectangular shape.
For the other hind leg, which would be on the face of the picture, draw a pear-shaped base and then extend a rectangular shape for the shin.

Step #4

The basic framework of your horse sketch is ready. Now is the time to draw its ears, tail, and mane. For the ears, just draw two leaf-shape structures over the head.
For the tail and the mane, remember the letter S. Sketch the letter S to draw the tail and the mane, and make sure that the mane starts from the bottom of the ears.

Step #5

Draw the eyes and nostrils on the front of its face. Also, draw hooves at the bottom of each of its legs, and straight lines for the horse's mane, tail, and mouth.

Step #6

Your sketch of a horse is now ready. It's time to add some colors and details. First things first, finalize your drawing with a felt-pen or a regular pen and erase all the extra pencil lines from the picture. What you will have is a well-defined sketch of a horse. Color it or paint it and add charm to it!
Once you learn how to draw a regular horse perfectly, try moving on to mythological horses like, Unicorns, which has a single horn on its head and Pegasus, of Greek mythology, popularly known as the winged horse.