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How to Draw a Mickey Mouse

Priya Johnson
Children love coloring cartoon characters and remain occupied for sometime. You could draw Mickey Mouse and give it to them to color.
Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character children simply adore. In fact, the cute button ears and snout with the adorable facial expression, is something that brings a smile to every child's face. Even cereal boxes have these cartoon characters as mascots. If you're looking to bring a smile on a child's face, take a look at how you can draw this cartoon character.

Step 1: Face

Draw a large circle in the center of the page. This will be the reference for Mickey's face.

Step 2: Ears

Now for the ears mark the center point of the circle. Draw a radius from the center to the top circumference. Do the same with the other side. Where the radius touches the circumference, draw a smaller circle. You will now have two ears on either side of the face.

Step 3: Chin and Cheeks

Erase the radius line. Draw a rough diameter line that cuts the face into equal portions horizontally. Leaving 3 centimeters from each end of the diameter, draw the small alphabet 'm', such that the apex of the 'm' touches the circumference of the circle. The base of the 'm' is free.
Begin drawing a heart shape from the base of one part of the m to the other side of the m. Do not have the base of the heart as a pointed 'v' shaped structure. In fact, let it be a curved 'u'. This way you have the chin and cheeks ready. Do not forget to now erase the circle we drew as the reference for the face.

Step 4: Eyes and Eyeballs

Go back to the diameter. Erase the rough diameter line you drew. Using the central point as reference, draw the smile we draw for a sad face. A curved line with the downward droop. This forms the base of the eyes. Using this curve as base, draw two oval shaped structures for the eyes. Fill the eyes will oval eyeballs.

Step 5: Mouth and Smile

Below the curved line, draw a small circle. This forms the snout. Now 3 centimeters below the snout, comes the mouth. For the mouth we need a broad Mickey smile. Draw a curve from one side of the face to the other and draw tiny vertical lines to complete the smile.
Below the curve draw another small 'u'. This forms the mouth. Within the mouth draw an 'm' for the tongue. Your Mickey Mouse face is ready!
If you want to draw the body as well, then, let's take a look at the following step.

Step 6: Body

For the belly, draw a 'c' extending from the mouth downwards. End this belly in a pair of shorts. Below the shorts, draw two extending lines, which form the legs.
End the legs in two shoes.
The hands will come out from below the face region. Draw two extending lines on each side and have a break in the hands. End the hands in gloves.
Your Mickey Mouse body is ready.