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How to Draw a Rose

Priya Johnson Mar 19, 2020
The best way to learn to draw a rose, is by taking one step at a time. Take a look at how a simple donut-shape gets transformed into a beautiful rose in this story below.
Drawing is an art form that builds the observation skills of an artist. The artist begins to note minute details of objects around him, and it is this precise observation that imparts life to a drawing. One of the best aspects of drawing is the fact that you do not need expensive materials to do it. Just a simple pencil and one drawing book is enough for the creation of glorious pictures.
Drawing a rose may seem quite a complicated process, however, if you draw it step by step, it won't seem to be such an intimidating task.

Steps in Animated GIF Format

Step-by-step Instructions to Draw a Rose

Step 1

Draw a slightly compressed circle as shown in the image below. It does not have to be perfect: a rough one will do. Draw another smaller oval shape concentric to the outer circle. These circles form the guidelines for the rose.

Step 2

Place your pencil tip at the center of the small inner concentric circle and drag your pencil to form a convoluted spiral. Let the convolution be as haphazard as possible. This convoluted spiral forms the inner petals of the rose.

Step 3

The next step is to increase the spiral layer around the already formed spiral. Next, draw a 'u-shaped' structure below the spiral formation as seen in the picture.

Step 4

Keep increasing the spiral layers, gradually increasing the width between the spirals. As shown in the image, add a leaf-like petal to the spiral end.

Step 5

As shown in the image below, add a few petals to the already formed rose drawing. This time add larger petals to the flower.

Step 6

Keep adding larger petals to the flower structure as shown below. The flower structure has been prepared. Check if the petals drawn balance the flower's image.

Step 7

Once the flower is ready, to enhance the look, shade it. Shading is simple. Just hold your pencil tip to the inner portions of each petal and drag your pencil gently outward.

Step 8

The last step is to add shading touches to the entire flower. Complete shading the entire flower as shown in the image below. Your rose flower is ready!
Drawing two or three such roses in proximity on card paper will make a good greeting card. Moreover, you can also add a stalk and some leaves to the rose to get another elegant look as in the image below.
Drawing enhances and sharpens one's creative skills. Using the above-mentioned step-by-step guidelines, draw the rose for a few number of times. By practicing you will gain confidence and will also gain control over the pencil's movements. Once you've got the feel of drawing, and you're comfortable with the pencil, you will find a style of your own emerging.