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How to Draw Something From your Imagination

Anuja Marathe Kanhere
Drawing and painting is not just a hobby, it is a scope for venting out your ideas, emotions and perceptions. Professional artists have a gift to pour out their imagination on paper. But there are a few others who have a desire to paint, but are clueless about where to start. Here is how you can turn your imagination into pictorial form.
Believe it or not, we all have a 'Picasso' hidden in our personalities. You might be a trained artist or a small child or a homemaker. But we all have our imagination mills running all the time, which seem to get expressed in imaginative art paintings, childish paintings or some doodles on top of a page. My article here will let you know the best ways to draw out whatever you imagine.

Giving Imagination a Creative Form

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Similarly creativity lies in the mind of an artist. There are no two artists in this world who have interpreted a fact or fiction in the same way, because imagination changes from person to person. Here are some 'must read' ideas to help you convert your imagination into creativity.

Keep Sketchbooks Handy

Imagination is a strange game of life. As an artist, you can never tell when and where you might get struck with a bright idea. If you are looking out for drawing from your imagination, then it is essential to keep your pencils and sketching books handy. You might opt for placing them in two or three prominent location of your home.
If you need to travel a lot, then don't forget to carry a sketching book with you as a constant companion. If you happen to get struck with new ideas and wish to put them in words before you draw them, then a simple notepad can perfectly suit the purpose.

Get Inspired

Your mind will not come with new imaginative drawing ideas unless you absorb some ideas first. Remember, imagination is like food for your minds. So why not see how other artists or some talented painters are doing their work? Try to visit art exhibitions of your favorite artists as well as some new budding artists. You never know when you might get to see some fresh ideas of other people.


If you happen to do repetitive jobs each day with the same routine schedule, then it is really not going to help you with your imagination. Travel as much as you can. I am not saying that you need to go on a world tour to get inspired.
You can visit a new place or countryside close to your hometown once in a while and understand the natural beauty of that place. There is no better inspiration than nature for your drawings.
If sketching while traveling in strange places is not possible, then click some photographs for your easy reference. These photographs can be a good reminder of what you saw during a trip when you start drawing.

Meet People

Meeting new people can set you imagination rolling. It not only sets you grasping new ideas but you also get a chance to look out for different facial expressions and looks. These new faces are often inspiring for your drawing. If possible, try to sketch some interesting faces that you see when you are out.
At times, people are gracious enough to pose for a sketching session with you. Others might not approve of being sketched at all, so take permission before you start sketching.


Reading can be fun, especially if you can get connected to a story. There are certain authors who have such a unique style of writing fiction and non-fiction, that readers actually feel like they co-exist with the book characters.
One such writer is J K Rowling who has been successful in creating an imaginary world of wizardry in readers' minds across the world. You might be in luck, if you happen to get hold of such a book.
All you need to do is draw out your interpretations and perceptions of the characters and scenes from the book on paper. Alternately, you may opt for reading daily newspapers and draw out your perceptions of the story.

Watch Movies and Television

You might opt for watching movies and television to get some bright ideas. All you need to do is understand the gist of the whole story and start drawing a fantasy version of the whole tale. Other times, people turn on their imagination and sketch the first thought that strikes them whenever they watch some movies or news.

A Few More Ideas

  • Whenever you are drawing from your imagination, try to keep your mind open for any kind of random thoughts. Your drawings need not always be logical, after all it is just your personal interpretation.
  • Do not have any kind of benchmarks for perfection in a drawing. Never discard a sudden idea or inspiration. Instead, try to put it on paper immediately.
  • If you like to draw abstract art, then ask your friends and family for their interpretation of your drawing. At times, they might come with a completely different version than what you had imagined in the first place. Such versions are excellent sources of fresh ideas for you future drawings and paintings.
Do not shy away from exposure. Instead, exhibit your drawings and paintings and publicize them. By underestimating your talent, you might keep away a huge fortune. You never know who might fall in love with your imaginative masterpieces, isn't it?