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Tips on How to Make Money With Face Painting

Veethi Telang
If you think your gray cells can add colors to people's lives, how about learning how to make money with face painting? The art of face painting will not only help you mint big bucks, but bring a smile on people's faces too, every time you paint their faces. Read on to take a look how.
The best thing about face painting? Not everybody can do it, and not everybody can do it well. If you're blessed with the knack, well, there's a lot of money out there for you, because boy, you've got something that no average Joe has - the power to think out-of-the-box, and fingers with mysticism.
Whether it is a carnival or festival, birthday party, soccer match or any celebration, face painting can bring in loads of fun for you, and each painted face spreads a million smiles, the artistic profile that your job holds. But keep in mind, face painting does not promise you minting millions in your very first project.
It takes time and dedication to reach a level where, with every face you paint, you mint big bucks. There's a lot of promotion you'd have to do, regular practice, and a little investment. For an always-good-in-painting you, it might not be a difficult one to get started with.
However, for those who've never managed to get a grade above 'B' in painting throughout school, there's some dedication and practice this profession calls for. Get your skills right, work for free for the initial days, and be on a constant spree of finding something new... in my view, this is what artists do, don't they?
So, considering the main objective of this topic, let's figure out how to make money with face painting, and make a stand for yourself in the quickest way possible. Grab your brushes, paints, and palettes.

Tip No. 1

The best thing about this business is that, unlike others, you need not put in a lot of money. All you need is a stock of paints, brushes of all sizes, paint palettes, water containers, and face wipes. Your equipment might cost you in accordance with the scale you want to open your business on.
At the least, stock up on all kinds of face paints, starting from the basic colors to the sparkling tints, and other unconventional paints too. Other than that, you could research on face painting more and more, and find out the kinds of brushes successful face painters bring into use.

Tip No. 2

Either you could start from home, or you could open a small-scale studio with a unique name, where you could begin with your face painting on a daily basis. Paint your friends, take contracts for small-scale birthday parties, send your portfolio to people who manage local events, so that you get noticed.
Show them your work, and ask for remuneration. Moreover, ab initio, you could offer services at discounted rates, so that more people hire you, and notice your work. This way, you will get recognized, and people will get to see what exactly are the services you offer.

Tip No. 3

One of the most important segments of any business is its promotion. You need to tell people that you are a face painter, and more importantly, you're good at it. You could promote your studio by creating flyers with images of your work and workplace, place ads in the newspaper, and on a large scale, advertise yourself on radio.
This way, more people will get to know about you, and will come to avail the services you offer. The key to promote your business is offering services at a discounted rate in the beginning, and later on, deciding your prices in accordance with the level of the party.

Tip No. 4

Contact local theaters and craft fair organizers who regularly require face painters to make their events successful. You could show them your work, and team up with them to offer your services. These are areas where chances of getting noticed are extremely high.
For theatrical plays, you can offer your services at a low price, and let the organizers notice the uniqueness of your face painting ideas. Moreover, at craft fairs and events, you could rent a booth to provide your services, and give organizers a part of your earnings. If they like your work, they might hire you for all their future events to be conducted.

Tip No. 5

This is just optional, but can prove to be extremely lucrative for your business of face painting. Alongside providing face painting services, you could offer face-paining training to budding painters who want to make a career in face painting.
You could hire them as well to take up large-scale projects with you, and have them assist you for events. This will help you make more money, and expand your business on a large scale.
As a part of promoting your business to make more money, you could get your visiting card published, create ads for the Internet after you've become locally successful, travel to different cities to offer your services, and submit your portfolio to successful face painters to widen your horizons.
Pricing is a delicate issue, and should always be addressed in accordance with the level of services you offer. To get assistance, you could check out the prices your competitors are offering, and decide yours accordingly.
In the end, it's the uniqueness of your work and the dedication you show that will set you apart from the rest. Not many people get the opportunity to make a career out of their passion. You've decided to turn yours into a successful career, and so, make the most out of it!