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Learning the Art of Calligraphy

Dhanya Joy Aug 7, 2020
Calligraphy is a style of writing that is being popularized all over the world. Learning the art of calligraphy requires a lot of patience and practice. A detailed information about the same is given here.
Calligraphy refers to an ancient design of writing. The word is derived from a Greek phrase that means beautiful handwriting and is also known as a kind of visual art. Though it is a very old form, it is still being practiced all over the world.
Since it has been developed in many countries, a variety of styles are available today. These include Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Roman, English, and many more.
You need not be an artist or extremely creative to learn the art of fancy lettering. It is quite simple and can be mastered with consistent practice. The basics can learned on your own by following some simple instructions.
Before you can start learning, you should select a particular style from the ones mentioned earlier. The Roman pattern is easy and would be ideal to start with. Also, you should know about the tools, lettering, alphabets and fonts used for this penmanship.

Required Tools

The tools consist of special pens, nibs, ink, and unique paper essential for scripting (or lined parchment paper). Pens can be either felt pens, fountain pens, or quill pens. You will also need a ruler and powdered ink. If you are not sure about the type of pen, you can purchase a set for beginners.

Before Beginning

● Select the necessary tools, and keep them handy.
● Seat yourself in a comfortable position, on a firm and wide table, preferably with a tilted desktop.
● Choose the style that you would want to learn, and place it on the table on your right side. You can use a book that shows the basic strokes.
● Hold the brush or pen at an angle of 35°. Dip it in the ink if you are using a quill pen, and start practicing the basic strokes.
● You can start with the lower-case alphabets, and if you find it difficult in getting it right, try practicing by tracing the alphabets.
● You will need to practice the letters over and over again to gain mastery.

Tips on Learning

● When you seat yourself to practice, make sure that there are no shadows on the paper, as they can interfere with the detailing of the strokes.
● Start from practicing basics, and perfect writing the letters before proceeding towards intricate formations, techniques, and designs.
● Stick to learning one style at a time, and practice on a daily basis for mastering it.
● When you want to lift the pen off the paper, do not do it in a sudden jerk. Hold the pen at the position for a second or two, allow the ink to get saturated at the point, and then lift the pen.
● You will need to pay attention to the spacing between the strokes and the width and weight of your strokes. Do not use ink excessively.
● Aim at consistent practice and achieving the perfect spacing, perfect strokes, and perfect lettering.
Once you have the required expertise, you can learn Chinese and wedding calligraphy. You can pursue it as a hobby and can also prepare wedding invitations and party invitations. So, go ahead, and put on your creative thinking caps!