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Learn Graffiti Styles

Pragya T
By watching and practicing drawing graffiti you can learn different graffiti styles. These styles can range from simple characters on a plain background to graffiti fonts on complex 3D backgrounds. Read on...
Graffiti is a highly developed art form and to learn a graffiti style you will need to keep sketching different graffiti letters for a few months till you get the confidence to develop your own style. To learn to draw graffiti styles you will need to observe a lot, and keep copying other artists's work till you get familiar with the various styles, so that you can come up with your original style.

How to Draw Graffiti Styles

  • Assuming you are a complete beginner to graffiti, it will be good for you to start by observing various graffiti style forms for inspiration. Look around the city for various graffiti artwork on the walls. Carry a digital camera with you in case you want to shoot the artwork and then later on sketch it. 
  • If you can't find much artwork to observe and get inspired, then search online. You will come across various different styles of graffiti.
  • Find 5-6 styles of graffiti style writing and save the images of these graffiti styles. Some of the popular styles are Chinese graffiti style, Bboy styles, Soft bubble lettering, Flava, Oldschool, Wavy, Throwup, etc.
  • Each style has its own set of characters. With a quick image search on the Internet you might even find A-Z letters of some styles. In Throwup style the letters are very curved and fat, while in the Chinese style the letters are very edgy and bold-looking, in Bubbles style the letters are also round and fat with very little space is between the letters. 
  • This way you can make observations for different graffiti styles.
  • If you like some styles, then observe them and try to copy the sketches in a rough way. First only draw characters imitating different style.
  • If you like the hooks and barbs kind of letters more, then practice drawing these kinds of graffiti styles more. If you like the more smoother-looking character then Wavy, Bubbles, and Throwup are good styles for you to practice on.
  • Once you had enough practice with drawing these letters, it is time to develop your own unique style. Go with a style which is inspired from a certain style or scribble a lot to come up with a style which is totally unique and new.
  • Sample few graffiti letters to decide which should be your style. Then draw A to Z letters of the style you like. Make sure the letters are neatly drawn and are identified as one style.
  • Then draw words, numbers, words with numbers etc., using these graffiti letters. Draw a word, give it a 3D shadow depth. 
  • Then look at different background designs and give a background design which is popular like zigzag arrows, bubbles, blocks, or flames. You can also add a background which matches your word if you wish.
  • Then use ink to fill up the shadows and use colors which can be sketch pens or color pencils to fill up the letters. Use bright one or few colors to fill up the letters. Then color the background and you have finished your first graffiti letter which reflects your original graffiti style.
  • If you wish to paint this word on a wall, then make sure you select a site which allows you to draw graffiti, so that you don't get into trouble.
So, follow the above steps to develop your own graffiti style, and then use spray cans to draw your graffiti on the wall. With practice you will be able to create your own unique and great-looking graffiti style.