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Metallic Spray Paint

Pragya T
So, you just discovered how cool metallic spray paint looks! And are now in a frenzy to paint your sandals, cars, accessories, etc., into wicked metallic color? Read more to know what it is, and for the tips about where to buy this paint and how to use it.
Spray painting is an easy and cool way to paint an object. With spray paints you can finish painting any object within minutes, also they help to spread the color evenly and don't give a patchy look like a brush would.
Spray paints are aerosol paints and are available in many colors and finishes. They come in variety of paints which include heat and traffic resistant enamels, primers, gloss and matte finish, metallic colors, and textured paints.

What Does a Can of Metallic Spray Contain?

Spray paint contains, propellant which makes the liquid come out of the tin. This is usually a gas like propane or butane. These are common propellants used for making deodorants, that make spray cans and deo's flammable. The other ingredient is the paint, the paint molecules are themselves hydrocarbon-based and flammable and also contain methanol.

What All Can Be Painted With a Metallic Paint?

You can use spray cans on practically everything, but of course not on your cat! Spray cans should be only used to spray on 'non-living objects'. Some examples are metal objects like knobs, frames, file cabinets, chandeliers, appliances, accessories, etc.
Plastic objects like tables, chairs, beds, etc. You can even use it to paint wood, wicker, glass, synthetic clothes, paper, and paper mache. Spray painting furniture can be very useful for maintaining old metallic furniture.

How to Use It?

Shake the spray can vigorously for a minute, so that the stuff inside it gets mixed up properly. Then use light coats of the paint to cover the desired object. After you finish one coat, let the coat dry before applying the second coat. Always, work in light coat layers to avoid any dripping of the paint.

Safety Measures to Be Taken While Using the Paint

As already mentioned earlier, spray cans contain harsh chemicals, hence it is important that you cover your body properly and work in a well-ventilated space to avoid any accidents. For spray painting safety wear rubber gloves, eye goggles, and mask while painting any object. Also, follow the other instructions mentioned on the product.

Where to Buy a Metallic Spray Can From?

You can find spray cans at any hardware store, tell the guy at the store what purpose you will be using the spray paint for and he will tell you the right variety you need. Check out few cans of different brands to compare prices, quality, and colors. If you can't find the right color or type of metallic spray can, then shop for spray cans online.

What Are the Best Brands?

The most known manufacturers for spray cans are:

♦ Krylons
♦ Monster Colors
♦ Belton Premium
♦ Molotow
♦ Montana

Go to their sites or shop on eBay to compare and check various products.
Make sure you select the product according to your purpose, many cans are for artistic purposes like painting graffiti, while others are for painting or repainting household objects. Many cans come as metallic spray paint for metal surfaces, while some cans can be used to paint practically any material.

How Much Does a Can Cost?

The price of the cans depend on the brand. The price can be anywhere between USD 2 - 5. This is for one can, you might need more cans for painting larger objects, which will increase the cost.

How to Get Started?

Buy a small can of metallic spray paint. Lay down sheets of old newspaper on the work surface. Place a small object and paint it using the can. Work in light coats, check the object in light, and repaint if required. Once you are satisfied painting small objects, proceed to larger objects.

Experimenting With Different Colors

You can experiment with different metallic colors. However, you will need to plan a bit on how the object you want to paint would look like. So, it's better if you do a color sketch of the object, before you start painting it. You will need to work in layers, starting with the bottom layer.
For example, if you want to use metallic spray paint for cars, then choose black metallic as a base coat and use stencils to paint some areas silver and use smaller stencils to add few details of red color. Make sure you let each layer dry completely, before spraying another layer of paint.
Hopefully, the information here was helpful, so follow the spray painting safety tips and work in layers and light coats to paint things into shiny metallic colors!