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Neon Paint

Puja Lalwani
With its ability to stand out and glow in the dark, neon paint has a variety of creative uses. This story discusses how to make this paint, where to buy it, and the various places you can use it.
Because of its unusual 'glow in the dark' property, neon paint has found its way into various art projects. This paint contains a chemical substance that is capable of absorbing UV light and then radiating a glow. It is most often used for craft and decorative purposes. These paints are used and loved by people of all ages. You can design a theme party around it, or use it to highlight an artifact in your room.

How Do You Make This Paint?

Making neon paint is a very simple task, and it is a safe option particularly for kids. It requires some basic ingredients that you can kind around your house.
  • Start by making a smooth paste of flour and water based on the amount you require.
If you wish to use the paint on your face and body, it should be of a slightly thicker consistency so that it sticks. Otherwise, you can make it slightly watery to use it for crafts.
  • Add a few drops of neon food coloring of your choice. Mix until the color has spread evenly in the mixture.
  • Pour the paint into an airtight container.
  • To make paint that glows, make a mixture of a quarter cup of water and three teaspoons of Epsom salts. Add the food coloring and store in an airtight container.
Make it in small amounts as it is very simple to make, and use it for various painting purposes.

Where Do You Buy It?

If you think commercial neon paint is a better option, then you can head out and buy your favorite colors. You can find this paint in hardware and craft stores stores. Another place you can look is online, where you will also be able to find non-toxic neon body paints that are safe to use even for kids.

How Do You Use It?

You can use this paint to create masterpieces.
  • Create a work of art using this paint. Give it as a gift, or use it to decorate the walls in your room. Numerous kids' crafts can also be created.
  • Use neon spray paint to create graffiti art on a wall in your room. With its glow-in-the-dark-properties, this will be the ultimate highlight of your room.
  • Paint your favorite chair or your bed in a neon color.
  • Pick up neon wall paint and use it to highlight any wall in your room or your den. Using this paint on walls is a good option if you have a specific movie room where you can enjoy the look it gives to the place.
  • Simply paint a vase, a pot, or your favorite miniatures and have them stand out in your room.
  • Have a neon party theme where everyone uses face paint of different colors while wearing black clothes. They may also paint their bodies for a different style. Try to keep a black light around to make this party more interesting.
Its properties make it a very versatile paint.