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10 Rare Color Shades You Have Never Heard Of

In this colorful world, are you sure you are aware of all the obscure colors?
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
The world around us is bursting with colors and their different shades. It can be easy to make out the primary colors from your secondary colors
But wait, are you sure you have heard of the color shade Boudoir or Majolica? Or have you seen a Red Ferrari? However, it is not red but a rare red shade called Goji Berry.
There are many rare color shades you may have never heard of. You may be in love with a color, but it is so rare, that you probably don't know what it is actually called.
We shall cover a few of these obscure color shades in this web story with its nam, along with the Hex codes to help you recreate the magic in your next creative project.
Intriguing Color
Tuxedo Black
Hex Code: #28282B
           RGB: 40, 40, 43
POV: It's black. No, it's not!

While the hex code calls it
Tuxedo, Tuxedo Black.
Hex Code: #0D9494
 RGB: 13, 148, 148
Don't tell me you thought it was teal green! That sweet color you loved is Atrovirens, which has a deep teal hue.
Hex Code: #72246C
 RGB: 114, 36, 108
The deep purple shade that makes everything it touches look magical is called Palatinate.
Careys Pink
Hex Code: #C99AA0
  RGB: 201, 154, 160
Don't mistake this elegant color for rose gold. This aesthetic color is called Carey's Pink.
Hex Code: #E44D2E
 RGB: 228, 77, 46
This warm color that looks like rust or maybe brown, is actually cinnabar. Feels you with warmth, doesn't it?
Hex Code: #C84186
 RGB: 200, 65, 134
Have you ever eaten a pitaya or dragon fruit with a deep fuchsia or pink-colored pulp? Well, that beautifully sticking color is called Smitten.
Hex Code: #ECDDBE
 RGB: 236, 221, 190
You may call it cream or pale yellow, but this rare color is actually Rutabaga.
Burnt Brick
Hex Code: #A14D3A
RGB: 161, 77, 58
No, this rare color is not terracotta or burnt sienna, if that's what you are thinking. This deep red-orange hue color is called a burnt brick.
Deep Space Sparkle
Hex Code: #4A646C
 RGB: 74, 100, 108
Belonging to the cool blue family, with shades of gray in its undertones, this beautiful deep color is called Deep Space Sparkle.
Wild Orchid
Hex Code: #D979A2
  RGB: 217, 121, 162
Nope, it's not your regular pink color. This is a warm color, the primary color from the red color family called the Wild Orchid.
Just look around and you will see a splash of color around you.

Look up in the sky and you will find different shades of blue, orange and red.

Look down, and you will find earth filled with different colors of brown and red.
Nature has its own palette of colors. Each color has hundreds of shades. You may think it is light cream, but it actually is burnished cream.

So, just look around you and try to decode the exact rare color shade you are so fond of.