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Scary Face Painting Design Ideas

Stephen Rampur
Face painting is a fun activity, especially during Halloween. Here are some scary face painting design ideas and tips regarding the same.
Scary face painting can be done for specific occasions, like Halloween, or simply to scare someone. This is a growing trend among children, especially pranksters and mischievous kids.
There are many ideas and designs that can be used to paint a face that looks scary. You may even come up with ideas by referring to ghosts and wraiths in horror movies.
The best place to look out for scary-looking faces is a Halloween party. You will certainly find lots of varieties that will scare even you in your sleep.


This is mostly used in Halloween parties. To get this spooky appearance, you would need to wear a latex cap to give your head a smoothened surface. After fitting the cap appositely by using an adhesive material, you now need to make the skeleton look.
Apply bone-white paint to the head and the part of the face that is supposed to appear as the skull.You may apply several coatings to get an opaque look. You may apply several coatings to get an opaque look.
Color the eyes with black paint to make them appear hollow. Make a black triangle on the nose, as that too would appear hollow. Draw vertical black lines on the lips to appear like the skeleton's long teeth. You can further make the skull look real by drawing a few cracks using a paintbrush and black paint.


There are various styles in which you can paint your face like a witch. For getting an ugly witch's appearance, you will need a green face makeup and a black lip rouge.
You would also need to make some moles on the face using a black liner pencil. But if you want a glam witch's appearance, apply white face makeup which may include dramatic lined eyes, scintillating eyeshadow, fake lashes, arced eyebrows, and red or black-colored lips. You can get many accessories in the local Halloween store to give a real witch-like look.


There are many makeup kits available in the local shops which can help you in giving your face a Frankenstein's monster look. You can opt for the green base, with gray or a similar dark color around the eye area.
You need to make the cheeks appear hollow by using a dark gray shadow, and stick bolts on both sides of the neck. Finish the appearance by drawing a few scars using a black paint or an eyeliner


It is very easy to create a vampire mask with face paint. You just have to use a pale or white foundation, with black extended lines on the eyes, war paint, and lips with blood-red color.
A vampire's look would be incomplete unless you do not place fangs in the mouth. You may also use blood-red paint or red lipstick to make your mouth appear as if you have just sucked blood from a victim.
These are just a few scary face painting ideas, but if you become a little creative and try out some different colors of makeup, you may come up with your own unique frightening facial appearance.