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Sell Your Artwork Online Using Web Stories

Manali Oak
How are you promoting your work? Print ads? Social media platforms? It’s high time you come online if you haven’t yet. Pages on social media platforms are a good way to earn followers, but the scope is limited.
Getting your promotional content to rank on Google versus getting followers on social media platforms, what seems more effective? Ranking on the web, because this way you reach a much wider audience.
Web Stories are a content format that gets you this reach. Mainly Web Stories are search engine-friendly. Moreover, they can rank on Google’s 1st page. So content created in the Web Stories format is sure to increase your visibility.
How to harness Web Stories?
Visual Stories gives you an easy way to adopt this format on your own website or create a website with this content format without any technical hassles.
Your website started with Visual Stories is a Progressive Web App (PWA), optimized for mobile, speed and search engine rankings. On this website, you can create Stories using the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG Web Story creation tool, which lets you access a free media library and also allows you to upload your own media.
Start a website with Web Stories feature, create promotional content and take the benefit of the ranking potential of Web Stories, to expand your audience.
In the Stories you create, promote your business, upload photos and videos of your artworks and provide a way for users to reach you.
The wider your reach, the higher the possibility of sales. Create lots of Stories, showcase the best of your work, market your skills through good photos that represent your artwork, diy videos that demonstrate your work and content that convinces users to buy from you.
Sell your skills well. Web Stories could prove to be the magic spell.
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