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Face Painting Designs You Would Love

Dr. Sumaiya Khan Mar 4, 2020
Want to ensure you're the talk of the party, where you've been invited on the condition that you have to come with a painted face? Well then. Here are a few simple face painting designs, which are sure to catch anyone's eye!
Face painting is a fun and easy way of enjoying oneself, while exploring a creative streak. There are various theme parties and face painting competitions as well, and quite often, the one that wins is not the most complicated face painting, involving lots of colors or shades, but is simply the most creative and simple face painting design.

National Flag

This is most definitely the simplest thing to paint on your face. The flag of your country can be painted on occasions like independence day and flag day as well as when you are going to cheer your team in any sport or for an after match party too.

Superhero and Villain Theme

Have you always dreamed of being Spiderman or Batman, but have always discarded the idea when it came to wearing your underpants on the outside? Well, a simple way to be your favorite superhero for the day could be by having your face painted!
Paint your face like Spiderman's or Batman's mask and watch people going ga-ga over their new celebrity. If you want to show your dark side, you can always face your paint as the 'Joker' or 'Venom'. It's a relatively easy face painting design which will ensure that you enjoy your fifteen seconds of fame!

Medical Theme

Want your painting to be a learning experience for your peers? Well then, why not paint the face of the person showing all the facial muscles present? Pick up any medical textbook that has a schematic diagram showing the facial muscles.
Using brown mixed with a drop of white, paint the muscle patterns on the face. Use black color to demarcate the outlines of the muscles involved and watch your friends shriek in awe and amazement, at your fine and educational work of art! Its guaranteed to get you a second look!

Pirate Theme

In the mood to emulate Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean? Then it's time to create the perfect pirate.
It's a very simple face painting idea, that can have a lasting effect! You'll just have to use black paint to create an eye-patch, that will trace from the ears to one eye and then to the other ear. Also be sure to create some marks on the cheeks, like an 'X' mark or some stitches, to enhance the rugged look of a pirate.
You could bring along a toy parrot to perch on your shoulder or hold a hook in one hand to give a perfect finish to result in a scarily convincing look of a pirate! This is one of the most effective, yet easy, face painting designs ever!

Social Theme

Feel the need to have your voice heard? Do you feel that there is need for increased awareness regarding global warming or pollution? Then you can always combine creativity with a cause!
You can show water pollution by painting half the face blue and showing many fish in it, and then painting the other half of the face bluish-black and showing one or two dead fish. Also, you can have a global warming theme, in which you can paint the globe, and show half of it as being normal, and the other half under water.
If you have an anti-smoking theme, you can paint the face as a scary design of a skull, indicating an early death. Social themes have simple face painting designs and these face painting ideas could garner you lots of appreciation.

Wildlife Theme

This is the most famous and sought after theme, where one can be really creative, by painting a tiger or lions face (using the persons hair to create the mane; golden or amber colored hair sprays can be used for maximum effect).
There are also other easy face painting designs of animals, like cats, dogs and fish, which can be easily painted. Apart from these, designs like different types of butterfly, ladybug, cat whiskers are also easy to paint. An unusual design can be painting trees or leaves on the face along with ladybug and caterpillar.
These were a few face painting ideas, which are guaranteed to make you the talk of the party or the undisputed winner of the face painting competition!