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Step-by-step Guide for Easy Skeleton Face Painting

Pragya T
A black costume with skeleton face painting makes for a great Halloween outfit idea. Here are some tips to paint a scary skeleton face.
There are different ways to paint your face to look like a skeleton. However, you need the basic color shades to create a skeleton face. You will need white, black, and gray paint. You can buy a face painting kit online or at the store at affordable prices.
The kits range from USD 5 - 15, with the basic kits containing different colors and a brush to paint, while some kits also come with a white foundation, black pencil, sponge applicators, flat brush. So, buy a kit which contains at least three colors to create skeleton face. Make sure the makeup kit contains non-toxic colors, which are safe for your skin.

Painting Procedure

➺ To start creating skeleton face you will need clean and dry skin. So wash your face and neck with some warm water, and blot it with some astringent using cotton.
➺ If you have a foundation with the makeup kit, then apply it all over the face and neck.
➺ Then cover the majority of the face with the base makeup coat, which is the white color. Avoid using the white around the eyes, on the tip of the nose, and at the edges of your cheeks. This is the basic skull surface, which looks white.
➺ Then use black paint to highlight the areas, where there is only cartilage and no bones.
➺ Using black paint color on the tips of the nose, the ears and the eye sockets in the right shapes. You can do a little bit of modification, to give a theme to the skeleton face. For example, you can make the skeleton's eye sockets heart shaped for a love-filled look, or paint the eye sockets very edgy and angled upwards for a mean angry look.
➺ Use the gray paint for the sides of the jaw to contour the shape of the cheekbones, which are very prominent in a skull. This will make the fleshy part of the face look receding.
➺ Use black color on the brush and paint the inner edges of the lip a bit. Then use a sharp pencil and draw vertical lines coming out from these edges for the effect of teeth.

➺ There you have completed creating a basic skeleton face. You can add a lot of details, special effects and scary Halloween makeup, to make the skull look truly evil.
➺ You can use a black eye liner, to draw some cracks on the skull. You can draw a long diagonal crack right across the face. Or you can add some fine cracks here and there.
➺ If you have some other color shades, like yellow or green then you can add the effect of an old and decaying skull.
You can also smear some red lipstick or ketchup to add the effect of blood dripping from the eyes, nose, or mouth. To avoid the makeup from sweating away and to make it last longer, slightly blot the skin with a makeup brush dipped in baby powder. Cover the face with a tissue while doing this, to avoid dulling the black paint.