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Splatter Painting Techniques

Megha Tiwari
If you want to fill life in your paintings and give them a different appeal, paint splattering could do the trick. This story describes some of the best splatter painting techniques.
If you are bored of the traditional way of painting and are looking for something new, splatter painting could be the change that you need. It is one of the best ways to add different shapes and make random patterns in your painting. It lends a unique effect to the artwork, something the regular paint and brush technique would not do.
It scatters the color droplets of various sizes all around the desired surface and gives it an uncommon and different shape. This technique is also used for interior designing, decorating a surface, or to beautify fabrics.
It gives a distinct personality to the object and adds life to it. You can try out various techniques to give a new look to your surroundings.


Cover the floor of the room with an old newspaper, and wear an old shirt before you start. Keep cuttings of different shapes of your choice on the surface you are going to paint. Dip a brush in paint, and hold it facing towards the surface.
Rub your finger on the bristles in your direction, allowing the paint to splatter around the surface. Now, remove the cutting and you will find the paint look as if small streamers have been scattered around. Different ways of going about splatter painting are as follows.

Brush Paint

It is one of the most popular and common techniques. You just need paintbrushes and paints of different colors for this. You can use brushes of various sizes to give different effects to the painting. Water or glaze can be used to make the paint thin so that you can splatter it in a better and easier way.

Toothbrush Splatter

This is a very simple and traditional technique in which a toothbrush is used for the purpose. This method is successful when you have taken up a small project like painting on a pot or a paper.
For this, you need a flexible toothbrush and some colors. Dip the brush in color and rub on the bristles to make different patterns, or you can also rub it on a gauze mesh placed on the paper and allow the color to splatter on the surface.

Stencils for Shape

You can use different shapes or objects of daily use to create a stencil to be used while splattering. This can change the look of your painting.
For example, if you want to make a pattern of leaves, you can cut the shape of a leaf or bring an actual one from your garden. Stick the shape on the wall or the drawing sheet, and splatter color around it. When you remove this stencil, it will leave its impression on the surface.

Drop the Paint

This technique allows large drops to spatter on the surface. Dip a brush in paint, and allow some droplets to fall on the surface by giving a slight jerk to your wrist. Allow the paint drops to run all around the sheet by moving it in different directions. This technique does not need a toothbrush, a mesh, or a stencil for spattering.

Color Yourself

Let us be kids again. You can use your hands and feet to make an interesting pattern. Dip your palms and feet into the color, and run it on the painting surface or the drawing sheet giving it absurd shapes and images. You would surely love it.

Splatter Cloth Painting

You can also paint a T-shirt or a dress by using any of the above-mentioned techniques. You can use stencils to paint a small part of your sneakers or shorts as well.
You just need a clean and blank mind on which you can create an image of your wish by using any color. This type of painting knows no rules and has no boundaries to limit it. There are a number of techniques that can be developed by using your imagination. It does not require any specific art skill, but yes, it does require creativity. Enjoy!