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Step-by-step Instructions for Beginners to Draw Anime Eyes

Buzzle Staff Feb 28, 2020
Distinct, expressive, and striking eyes are unique features of anime characters. Drawing anime eyes has been made very easy with these step-by-step instructions for beginners.
Distinctive Eyes!
Osama Tezuka, often credited as "Godfather of Anime", invented the "large eyes" style of Japanese animation. He is also called "Father of Manga" and the "God of Comics."
It is said that eyes are the windows to our soul. Well, this becomes especially true when drawing eyes. The ability to draw eyes that depict emotions is a talent, which requires time to develop. Although anime characters are mostly based on human proportions, their eyes are overly exaggerated. When sketching anime eyes, there is always the risk of eyes becoming blank or emotionless.
Drawing the perfect eyes requires lots of practice and patience. But, don't worry; it is not rocket science! All you need is the right guidance and, of course, creativity. Once you learn how to draw the basic eye, you can make variations in it. You can derive inspiration from different reel or real characters as well. We give you step-by-step instructions to draw anime eyes, which will be of great help for all beginners.

Things You Will Need

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils
  • Crayons
  • Watercolors

How to Draw Anime Eyes

There are obviously differences between male and female eyes. Draw more eyelashes for the female eyes. Also, male anime eyes are narrower than female ones. Female eyes tend to be rounder and more expressive. Of course, there will be certain changes according to the expression you are trying to portray.

Male Anime Eyes

Step 1: Draw the basic outline of the eye and the eyebrows first. You can draw vertical and horizontal lines first; that way it is easier to draw symmetrical lines. Then, draw the iris and the pupil.
Step 2: Once the basic outline has properly been drawn, darken the outer lining and the lining of the pupil.
Step 3: Color the pupils, and add any other details.
Step 4: Color a shiny spot in the corner of the eye.
Step 5: Draw eyelashes, and your male anime eye is ready!

Female Anime Eyes

Step 1: Sketch the basic eye and the eyebrows. Remember to draw a nice round eye.
Step 2: Make all the details, like a shiny spot in the top-left corner. You can add more white spots as well.
Step 3: Darken the pupil and the eyelashes with a black pen.
Step 4: Color the retina with the color of your choice.
Step 5: Add little details so that the eyes look realistic and come alive.

Crying Anime Eyes

Step 1: Now that you know how to draw the perfect eyes, drawing crying eyes is not at all difficult! Start with slight watery eyes. It is very simple; you can begin with some curvy, wavy lines.
Step 2: Now extend the lines below the eye so that they look as if tears are rolling down the eyes.
Step 3: Aww... those eyes can melt anybody's heart! You can extend the tears till the jaw as well.
Step 4: There you have it! Your crying anime eyes are ready!

Useful Tips

  • Remember that little details go on to make a huge difference in your drawing. For example, downward-slanted eyebrows show anger, whereas upward-slanted eyebrows show a surprised expression.
  • Children or girls have rounder eyes than males. Usually antagonists have narrow eyes.
  • Wide-open eyes with small pupils show fear.
  • Watching anime or reading Manga comics will help you understand the style more clearly.
  • Try different expressions regularly. Also, develop your own style rather than just copying from some book.
  • Once you master the basics, it will be easier to experiment.
Drawing anime characters is fun! We hope the above steps will help you understand and draw better eyes. Keep collecting all your sketches, and over time, you can observe your improvement. Keep practicing!