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Step-by-step Instructions to Draw a Cartoon Dinosaur

Vibhav Gaonkar
Got nothing to draw for the art class? How about drawing a cartoon dinosaur? Don't worry, it's not as tough as you think. Follow these simple steps and you'll be able to draw a cartoon dinosaur in minutes.

Dino Fact

In the famous T.V. series, Barney and Friends; Barney, the purple and green dinosaur, despite being carnivorous, likes to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a glass of milk.
Dinosaurs were residents of our planet approximately 231 million years ago. But today, a dinosaur is more of a fantasy character, mostly seen in movies and cartoons. You might have seen many 'Dino' cartoons; some of the popular ones like 'Barney and Friends', 'Flintstones - Dino', 'The Land Before Time', 'Toy Story - Rex', and others.
A popular movie series of dinosaurs is the 'Jurrasic Park', which features a theme park that is populated with cloned dinosaurs. There are many such dinosaur movies and cartoons worth watching. Dinosaurs have also been popular in many video games; the 'Yoshi' in Super Mario World, and 'Birdo' in Super Mario Bros. 2, which are games by Nintendo.
If you are a 'Dino' fan and crazy about these monsters, you should surely give a shot at drawing a cartoon dinosaur. Here's how you need to go about this fun task.

What you will need

◆ Pencil
◆ Sheets of paper
◆ Eraser
◆ Colors

Refer to the illustrated steps below and learn how to draw an awesome cartoon dinosaur in a jiffy.

Drawing the Face


Start with drawing two interlocked circles, both almost the same size.


Draw inverted 'U' shapes for the eyes and the nostrils.


Draw the mouth open with the tongue visible. Also, give shape to the dinosaur's eyes and nose, as shown.


Detail the dinosaur's face and erase the internal lines. Draw spiky teeth, pupils, and the cheek line just below the eye.

Drawing the Body


Draw two pebble-shaped rounds, not exactly circular. Refer to the illustration while drawing. Also, draw a raw structure for the tail, something similar to a 'half banana'.


Connect the pebbles as you look at the picture; use curves when connecting. Draw the thighs; one spherical, and the other an oval resembling an egg.


Draw the outline for the legs and feet.


Sketch the outline for the arms of the dinosaur; they are tiny and simple to draw. Don't forget to show its thumb raised.


Erase all unnecessary internal lines and make the figure look solid.
You're almost done drawing it. Do the detailing as per the illustration. Draw finger and toe nails. Show the distinction between its belly and back with wavy lines, as drawn in the illustration.


When the sketching is completed, color the dinosaur using your favorite colors. In place of orange, you could also use colors like green, red, blue, and brown.
Lo!, your cartoon dinosaur is complete. If you wish, you can give it a forest background to make it look more picturesque. Also, you could make a dinosaur family by drawing a female and a kid.