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Step-by-step Instructions to Draw a Cartoon Tiger

Vibhav Gaonkar
Ambitious about drawing cartoons? It's not rocket science. Learn how to draw a cartoon tiger very easily.

Quick Tip

To draw or sketch more confidently without shaky hands, practice drawing geometrically correct lines and circles.
May it be an art class assignment, or just drawing something for fun, cartoons are very easy to make, as they do not have proportionate bodies and don't require too many artistic skills. If you're new to drawing cartoons, don't worry!
Drawing a tiger is as simple as sitting at your desk and scribbling on a notepad. So when you think of a cartoon tiger, there are many characters that would come to mind. Especially, the famous ones like 'Tigger' from Winnie the Pooh, 'Share Khan' from The Jungle Book, or 'Vitaly' from Madagascar.
You'll Need
  • Sheets of paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Some colors
While learning to draw any cartoon, try to understand the structure of its body. Reduce the structure to basic shapes. For instance, look at the head of the tiger. Is it oval, round, or squarish? Detailing is a later part; first draw the shapes of the head, body, legs, and the tail.
You can draw this tiger in minutes, just using four types of shapes; circle, hexagon, triangle, and quadrilateral.

Draw the Skeleton

Referring to the illustrations above, do the following.
  • Draw a hexagon (1) for the head
  • Draw two circles, one above the front thigh (2) and the other above the rear thigh (3)
  • Connect both the circles with a quadrilateral (4), as shown in the figure
  • Draw triangles for the thighs (5 and 6)
  • Draw quadrilaterals for the legs (7, 9) and small conical feet (8, 10)
  • Draw two triangles for the ears (11 and 12)
  • Draw a U-shaped tail (13), as shown in the figure
  • Now, draw the other pair of limbs; make a big triangle for the front thigh (14), and a smaller one for the feet (15)
  • Similarly, draw another triangle for the rear thigh (16), a quadrilateral for the leg (17), and another small triangle for the rear feet (18)
Your tiger skeleton is now ready, so let's proceed to the next step.

Connect the Shapes

Time to connect all the shapes you just drew.
  • Connect the body and head with curved lines as shown in the illustration
  • The shapes used are too blunt. Connecting them with curved lines will give a more continuous texture, and the parts will blend with each other
  • Erase unnecessary lines, and make the figure look whole

Do the Detailing

  • Draw large circular eyes, and make the pupils black
  • Draw eyelids and eyebrows like those in the picture
  • Sketch a conical-shaped black nose, and the jawline with whiskers on either side
  • Do the detailing of the ears; show the distinction between the inner and outer ear
  • Also, add those small lines to the feet, so they look like paws with distinct fingers

Add Color

  • Give a base coat of golden-yellow; refer to the image above
  • While coloring, be very careful. Leave the under body and lower jaw white, as shown
  • Add stripes to the face, body, and tail, and color the inner ears light pink
  • You can also give a background color; you could paint it light-green to give the picture a forest theme
Your cartoon tiger is ready. If at first it's not as per the illustration here, don't worry! Keep practicing to make it better. Eventually, you could also try some other cartoon animals to get a better hang of cartooning.