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Step-by-step Instructions to Draw a Hummingbird

Sheetal Mandora
Hummingbirds are beautiful birds found across the globe. Many artists, professional and amateur, have tried to copy its magnificent beauty through their paintings. With 3 distinct illustrations, this story tutorial will teach you how to draw a hummingbird.

The quality of pencil you use to draw an image matters.

Amateur or not, always make it a point to use high quality artist's pencils to ensure even-toned sketches. Which is why, you should avoid using pencils that are made with inferior quality graphite as it can lead to scratches on paper.
Did you know that ruby-throated hummingbirds can hover mid-air by flapping their wings around 53 times in a second? And, they have the ability to fly upside down and backwards in an acrobatic manner. Isn't that amazing? 
Hummingbirds are not just good-looking birds, but they are fascinating too. But, we are not here to go over a biology lesson about hummingbirds, are we? In fact, we are more interested about learning to draw these beautiful creatures.
As you read this article, you will find three different tutorials that teach you how to draw these splendid birds on your own. So, go through each step at your own pace and replicate them in your drawing book one by one.

Illustration 1

For the first illustration, we are going to learn to draw a hovering hummingbird. With only 7 easy-to-follow steps, you will end up with a simple outline of the bird.
In your book, first you will draw a small circle that will be the bird's head, and an oblong shape that will be its body.
Going outward from the small circle, draw two joining lines that will make the bird's long beak.
Using your pencil, sketch a few feathers on its head along with a small circle to represent its eyeball.
As the hummingbird has pointed wings, you need to draw them pointing outward and away from its body; with short pencil strokes, you can also draw its feathers.
Just as you drew the first wing, follow the same technique to draw the other wing behind it. Again, use the pencil to sketch the feathers as well.
Finally, we will draw the bird's tail and the feathers on the rest of the body.
And, this is what the bird will look like once all the details are complete.

Illustration 2

In this second illustration, you are going to learn to draw a beautiful hummingbird sitting on a tree branch in 7 simple steps. Once you have mastered the bird, you can either choose to try your hand at shading the picture or adorning it with colors.
Just like the previous drawing, sketch a small circle (the head) and an oblong shape (the body) of the bird along with a straight line (the beak).
Start drawing the shape of the bird, beginning from its beak and stopping just below its neck.
Now, we will fill in the details of the beak and draw a small circle for its eye.
Continuing the lines from below the bird's neck, draw the rest of the body using smooth lines.
Draw the bird's feet as shown in the illustration along with adding some feathers.
To show that the bird is sitting on a branch, draw two parallel lines and add a few details to make it look realistic.
And finally, this is what your seated hummingbird will look like.

Illustration 3

For the third and final illustration, we are going to teach you to draw another hovering hummingbird; but this time, in only 4 steps. After drawing the picture, use some shading or coloring techniques to complete it.
First of all, draw a small circle (the head), an oblong shape underneath it (the body), and a circle inside the head (the eyeball).
Now, we will draw the wings pointing upwards and away from its body along with the beak coming out of the eyeball and the tail.
Mark the red lines as shown in the illustration to understand the final step of completing your picture.
As you connect the dots, you will see that your hummingbird is taking shape and is complete.
Once you've got the hang of drawing these magnificent birds according to the steps provided above, don't be afraid to draw them in a variety of different ways. As hummingbirds are small, colorful birds, apart from using a pencil, you can use color pencils as well.