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Types of Paintings with Pictures

Amruta Joshi Oct 21, 2020
Acrylic painting is a fast drying paint type and it is good for beginners.
Acrylic Painting
Watercolor painting is widely used type and it originated in England.
Watercolor Painting
This type of painting is slow to dry and it is used by most of the artists.
Oil Painting
Pastels give velvety texture to the artwork.
Pastel Painting
Pencil sketch is executed with thin and dark pencil strokes which gives realistic look.
Pencil Sketch
This painting type is used for window design and also for religious paintings. Artwork looks awesome when light passes through it.
Glass Painting
This painting type is used for walls and ceilings. Most Ancient Egyptians used these paintings.
This is a famous type of painting where artwork is created by pouring colored sand.
Sand Painting
In spray painting, spray is made with synthetic chemicals.
Spray painting
In this type, natural pigment, water and a binding agent like glue or gum is used.
Gouache Painting
In this type, color pigment is mixed with a sticky substance like egg yolk.
Tempera Painting
Graffiti painting is a medium of communication or is used to give a message to public.
This type of painting executed on wooden or metal surface. This is the very old painting type originated in Greece.
Panel Painting
Collage Painting can be done using colored papers, ribbons, applying paints, magazines, etcetera.
Collage Painting